Where to go for foot molds and cost

by Susie
(Placerville Ca)

I have a pair of worn out langer sporthotics to go in my saucing ca stabil running shoes. I now live in placerville ca. Is there somewhere nearby that will do and send you the foot molds? And how much do they cost now?


Hi Susie

If those orthotics are custom, in other words, they have been created by someone through an assessment of your feet and then manufactured, then you need to see someone who is registered in performing those tasks. If you have insurance then check to see who is allowed under your coverage.

Langer themselves identify practitioners who sell their orthotic brands. The locator can be found here:


If the practitioner has to alter the orthotic then you might have to pay for their time in doing so. Orthotics are expensive and can range from anywhere between $30-450. So double check insurance plans.

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