what's the special chemical in Jublia that penetrates into the nail ??

by Pierre
(Toronto, ON, Canada)

First of all, many thanx for maintining such an honest and straightforward highly informative site ....

After using Jublia, i cured years-long fungus infected two of my toenails. I still have several more fungusied toenails But here in Toronto, Canada it costs $60 to buy a tiny bottle of Jublia, which i could hardly afford.

Therefore, i would be truly grateful if you know, or can, name the special penetrative chemical (which you mentioned in your Jublia review) so that i can try to obtain it in order to combine with some essential olis (primarily tea tree, oregano, euchlopis, clove and rosemary oils) so as to create a (hopefully) a killer home-made remedy to wipe out the fungus permanently.

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Oct 21, 2017

by: Dominic

Hi Pierre.

Thanks for your kind words.

A few points:

1- Efinaconzole is the main "ingredient" for Jublia and is a prescription med so it will be hard to find anything like that strong in the Pharmacy

2- There are some places where they are undergoing studies for Jublia (London Onatrio being one) where they help with the supplies

3- you can use jublia every 2 weeks and still get a "dose" which might not be as effective as daily/ every other day but still helps with the cost

4- some people use athletes foot cream which is cheaper and can be bought at the pharmacy as shown here. It is a cheaper alternative, but not as effective. Some pharmacies have different types of athletes foot creams and meds to help which are not on prescription

5- regardless of treatment there is no guarantee of it going and not coming back, here are some good tips to try and prevent it.

Hope this helps.

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