What is wet gangrene

by qagqg

I am concerned about it.


Wet gangrene is something that Diabetics (especially) are concerned about, and unfortunately rightly so.

It is usually because someone has whacked their toe, very poor blood supply, a cut that hasn't been seen to, or even an ulcer that hasn't been vigorously been treated, or something similar to these scenarios.

What you have then is bacteria diving into the wound and multiplying. With poor blood supply the body's blood can not get down with white blood cells to help the area out. Also if you have poor nerves then you may not feel the problem until it is too late.

Bacteria spreads and the skin and tissues break down.

Now you can treat these areas with powerful dressings and even medical grade maggots (which are totally awesome because they only eat dead tissue and leave the good stuff behind).

But sometimes the bacteria gets too far ahead and surgical amputation needs to be done...only because of the rapid rate at which this occurs. We have seen patient ulcers rapidly decline within days.

Because of bacteria, more than the infected area needs to be cut back.

If you find that you have a cut on your feet, because you check them daily!!! Make sure it is clean and then put a clean dressing on. Check that daily, if it gets worse see a Doctor immediately, if it gets better still monitor it daily until it fully heals.

Getting to someone quickly is always the key.

Leaving things in the open is bad, as well as just leaving it to resolve is bad.

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