What is dry gangrene?

by qagqg

I posted the wet one as well.


Dry gangrene is better than wet...if you can get better or worse things.

Sometimes our arteries have fatty plaques on them and if some of that breaks off, it sails around the blood stream.

Now in big arteries (that takes blood to places) it is OK. But arteries are like trees. They have a big trunk but then they split up as they travel around the body, getting smaller and smaller until they get get to the smallest blood vessel- the capillaries.

Now that big lump of fats is fine in the larger vessels but when it gets down to the smaller vessels it is a tight squeeze. Then when it gets to the toes, it stops...its stuck.

Now there is no blood getting to the area and the body reacts by slowly shutting the toe down. Eventually there will be a line present between good and bad tissue.

It then self amputates. And it seems quite gross, but sometimes you find a toe in a sock because it has come off. But, the area left is nice and clean and skin color.

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