Very Common, So What Is Athletes Foot?

athletes foot

I always find that if you ask someone about “ Athletes Foot ” they usually don’t care about the problem, or think that the problem is quite trivial.

For me, looking at the problem from a clinical prospective, I see that Athletes Foot does seem trivial at the start- it can be an irritant more than anything. A pain that can be lived with.

  1. As the fungus increases, and spreads,
  2. It sneakily breaks your skin. Now skin is an amazing organ and acts as a barrier to most things that want to hurt you.
  3. But once the skin is broken the foot fungus can go rampant and even turn into a bacterial problem.

Now as we can see, a simple case of Athletes Foot has now turned into a much serious case of a bacterial infection, which now requires a completely different treatment method. I tend to find patients are unaware of foot conditions and what leaving a problem could mean.

Getting something treated early on is much better than leaving something to its own devices.

Doctors have started to learn this message and it is one that is being taught in medical schools and institutions.

Have you noticed that when Athletes Foot does start to become rampant,  the body just can’t seem to get itself back to normal?

athletes foot

Initially the skin keeps everything in check because you have your own micro-organisms on your skin which protects you skin from harmful, invasive micro-organisms.

But when something happens to your skin, like a micro-break (from the skin being too wet or too dry), fungus jumps in. And then the fungus replicates because its food is actually your skin.

The body tries to fight it off, the area becomes red, itchy and uncomfortable, but the fungus just keeps on attacking your skin…the area gets bigger and the symptoms increase.

The condition has now become chronic- the more access the fungus has to skin the more the symptoms increase.

At no point has the fungus stopped because of the body acting upon it. The body can not stop it. It needs intervention and help.

I want to stop your foot from getting to this situation. And if it already has? I want to go through procedures to help your body get back to normal.

Sometimes though there are other conditions that can mimic a foot fungus, so we must make sure that those are considered before we do any treatment- mainly because the treatment will not work if it is anything other than an Athletes Foot.

Also, we need to do some prevention. So click to find out the cause of athletes foot

Like my saying at the start: Getting something treated early on is going to be beneficial for our body’s and for ourselves.

This doesn’t have to be a major concern and it is something that we shouldn’t be scared of. But we need to at least acknowledge its presence and do something about it early on so that we don’t have difficulties or complications in our treatments.

toenail fungus and athletes foot

Athletes foot can also cause fungal toenails. Not widely know but if you have toenail fungus then you might have athletes foot. And because they are friends, if you have athletes foot you can get toenail fungus.

athletes foot

What exactly is athletes foot and what does it look like? Athletes foot is very common. Not all of us are athletes, so what is it and what does it look like?

athletes foot treatment

Treatment options. You have it, so how do you get rid of it...and then prevent it from coming back?

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