What is a hangnail on a toe?

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Oct 19, 2017

by: Dominic

A hang nail can be something that can have a different meaning to some people. Here are some of the terms, see which one fits:

1- the nail is very long and literally growing over the end of the toe. It feels lose and sometimes it can be painful because it rubs the skin under the nail

2- sometimes the nail is deformed due to trauma and the nail grows out sideways, or sometimes upwards. It can be sore because usually these nails are thick and they press down on the skin under the nail

3- you have cut your nail and there is a spike or "hang nail" just present and when you press the tip of your toe it hurts. It might be swollen, bleeds and maybe give an odour. This is also called an ingrown toenail and there are treatment options for this. They can be found here: Ingrown toenail 101 Treatments

Be careful which ever one it is. All can lead to pain so it might be an idea to check out the problem with your footcare professional.

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