What could the cause for my sweaty feet?

by Dominic


Up until the age of 17 my feet would never sweat, or I would never notice that they were because it wasn't a problem. However, my feet began sweating more and more. I first noticed whenever I wore shoes, my socks would get damp. It has progressed to where I will have sweaty feet even while in socks or going barefoot around my house. It's not all the time, but it can be uncomfortable. Since it is Winter now, they tend to get cold and stay that way. I think it has to do with my age and hormones, but i'm not sure. I'm embarrassed about this so I don't talk about it with others. I know teenagers tend to be more sweaty but I want to know if it could be diabetes, a symptom or pre-symptom maybe? A response would be much appreciated. Thanks


Thanks for the message.

Diabetes is one of the conditions that can cause sweating. But remember that other factors are usually included- like thirst, a lot of urination, sleepless nights and sweaty hands to name a few.

However, when you look at that list it could be anything.

For teenagers sweating is a problem mixed with poor materials and extra sports and activities sweating just increases. If you are concerned about Diabetes (like it runs in the family) check with a Doctor to get tested- early diagnosis is always the best.

You can try over the counter remedies for sweating which can be really good. Natural materials for socks help, sometimes even changing socks half way through the day helps.

When winter comes hands and feet get cooler anyway because the body looks after its core and flushes the "extremities" with blood every now and then.

I hope this helps.

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