Warts on my feet. What can I do about it?

I have many, they dont seem too deep

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Oct 19, 2017

by: Dominic

Warts can be tricky to completely eradicate because:

1- they can always come back regardless of treatment
2- sometimes we dont stop the cause of the warts so we become more prone
3- we dont usually do an effective job of treating them in the first place.

Warts are around us but they usually congregate where infected feet have been. If you feet are sweaty, moist or wet then the skin is able to be open enough for the wart to jump in.

A wart is a virus which hides in our cells so it is tricky for our body to identify it and to treat it.

Thicker warts are harder to treat and small "just arrived" warts are much easier to treat

There is a whole range of treatments available, from over the counter treatments which are very useful for small warts to Doctor office treatments which are great for stubborn warts and thicker warts. There is a large 101 section here: Foot warts HQ

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