Wart or ulcer corn on tip of toe

by Meg
(Helsinki, Finland)

Hi I have a wart or a corn with an ulcer on the tip of my second toe for 3 months now. It started as a small blister from wearing flip flops and gotten worse after a pedicure. It started growing little spikes of simingly dead flesh and when I tried to cut it it bled. It's sore and painful to touch (push and squeeze) and I'm not sure what Im dealing with. Would you have any advice?

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Oct 03, 2018
I was worried too... NEW
by: Anonymous

My toe looked like that. I had three spots like this very near each other. Two were even connected. The doctor debrided the two connected a bit and said it was warts. They he applied silver nitrate to the debrided ones and put a bandaid on it and said to go get Compound W with the seal and use it every day for a week. I'm wondering why he did not debride the third one. I hope the Compound W is enough. He said to come back in a week and if it wasn't healing to use cantharidine medication.

Aug 25, 2018
Same problem NEW
by: Anonymous

My son has the same thing and started off the same way . Did u find out if it was corn or plantar wart . I been doing treatment for month and it won’t go away .

Jun 07, 2018
Has it been treated dear NEW
by: Riya

Hope you are doing good dear !!

How are you now ?

Feb 09, 2017

by: Dominic

Looks like a wart. it bleeds because it is quite vascular- has blood vessels running through it (hence the black dots).

Go to a chiropodist/ podiatrist to doubly check that it is one (other things have been known to mimic warts) then they should be able to reduce the hard skin and apply a treatment type. Once they have got it managed you might be able to keep on top of it at home. Remember though warts can come back.

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