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truform orthotics

Truform Orthotics and Prosthetics are a complete line of off-the-shelf prescription products made by Surgical Appliance Industries (SAI), a company that began in 1893. Truform products are manufactured for spine and extremity issues. Originally SAI was started by Joel Adams and his son-in-law Isaac Pease, and involved the manufacturing hernia trusses and abdominal supports and literally selling them out of trunks that they packed onto trains.

The Truform product line includes:

Cervical Collars

This line consists of nine different models offering various types of support. Some of the available cervical collars include:

Model 9977 – this cervical collar is made from soft foam for mild cervical lesions, meant to offer a quick reminder for painful neck movements is needed.

Model 975 – this cervical collar was designed for whiplash injuries, osteoarthritis and torticollis.

Model 9979 – this collar was created to treat mild cervical lesions such as whiplash and osteoarthritis and soft tissue damage.

Model 9982 – this cervical collar is a wire-framed, lightweight cervical orthosis to control cervical spine flexion.

Rigid Spinal Bracing

This line includes various different models for a wide variety of issues. Some of their models are:

Model 963 - LOW BACKSPINALORTHOSIS – this orthosis has a fully padded rigid frame providing posterior and anterior lumbar spinal support.

Model 962 - CHAIR-BACK(KNIGHT)ORTHOSIS–for lateral control of the lumbar spine made with a fully padded rigid frame.

Model 949 - MODEL 949 WILLIAMS FLEXIONORTHOSIS – for lateral support of the lumbar spine, with a padded frame.

This line also includes Thoracolumbar Orthoses, and Thoracolumbar HyperextensionOrthoses.

Soft Goods

This line includes Elastic Lumbosacral and Sacroiliac Supports (6 models), and Elastic Lumbosacral and Dorsolumbar Supports (5 models).


This line includes 6 models of spring trusses, 7 models of Hood and Double Spring Elastic Trusses, and several different types of truss parts and pads.

Men’s Side Lace Supports

This product line of side laced supports include 17 different models of Lumbosacral Laced Supports, 3 different models of Dorsolumbar Laced Supports, and 7 different models of Abdominal and Shoulder Supports.

Women’s Side Lace Supports

The women’s line includes 28 different models of Lumbosacral Laced Supports, 5 different models of Dorsolumbar Laced Supports, and 6 different models for abdominal, obesity and maternity support.

In addition to the Truform line of orthotics products, SAI also manufactures several other lines of orthotics to help people live their lives with more support and less pain. These other lines include Truform Elastic Compression Therapy, OTC Professional Orthopaedic, Champion Health and Sports Supports, PCP Home medical Equipment, and Airway Women’s Health – a product line that specializes in breast forms, bras and accessories for post-mastectomy women.

SAI also produces lines of support braces, support socks, support hosiery, compression arms and sleeves and classical medical stockings.

For patients in need of orthoses products, Truform has a large variety to choose from, and if this particular brand does not have what someone requires, SAI likely has another product line that will provide for the patient’s needs.

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