The Best Toenail Fungus Remedy

toenail fungus remedy

One of the better toenail fungus remedy is the tablet. In the past the tablet remedy is one that has had some good press and some bad as well.

Why tablets- why big pharma?

To reach the toenail fungus the tablets have to be pretty strong because the fungus is so hard to reach and so entrenched within the nail. So the tablets attack the matrix (from where the nail grows from) eventually having an effect upon the nail itself.

The nail itself does not have a blood supply so the medication can not travel up the nail.

As a fungus toenail remedy, the tablet is one of the best. It gets to the root of the problem and attacks the fungus at the base- where it now grows from. Tablets have had some of the best results and are one of the most recommended form of toenail fungus treatment. they are the best toenail fungus remedy...this can't be all good right?

But there is a catch- isn't there always?

This fungus remedy has had some poor side effects in the past and drug companies are trying their best to alleviate the tablets from most side effects and nowadays they have succeeded to a point.

  • Because the tablets have to be strong to penetrate the nail matrix people can have stomach upsets and nausea.
  • Another concern is the Liver. Your body needs to get rid of toxins and things that it doesn't want, and it does so in the Liver. By breaking down chemicals and then excreting them in the kidney your body can stay healthy. Sometimes anti-fungal tablets can cause adverse Liver problems (but these problems have been very rare) and if you do have a Liver complaint to start with then it is not advisable to start this type of treatment- but that would be up to your Doctor.
  • Also if you have a complicated mix of prescribed tablets there is a possibility that this fungus remedy will interact with those and your Doctor might not recommend anti-fungal tablets.

Lamisil (brand name, chemical name Terbinafine) is probably one of the better known tablets.

Usually you use the tablets for 3months then you get the normal nail growing out. Then you take another 3 months worth of tablets. And that should be enough. Compared with daily application of creams and liquids, tablets are easier to use.

But heed caution- some examples:

  1. Regardless of treatment, toenail fungus can come back
  2. whichever treatment you use it is going to take time. Toenails take many months to grow from the base to the tip- checking your nails daily wont help.

Natural toenail fungus remedy.

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