toe nail care after the fact

by maria sanchez
(las cruzes. ca)

Big toe nails turned black now 1 fell off. The other 1 ready 2 fall off im diabetic im not in pain wat shall i do? Thanx


Hi Maria

Sometimes the toenails turn black and fall off because of either trauma or lack of blood flow. Usually trauma is the main cause- whether you are wearing open toed shoes, wearing high heels or even wearing shoes that have a poor fit.

If you notice that your other toenail is coming back, which takes about 12-18 months to do so, then probably trauma is your answer.

Don't rip off your nail and clip the nail carefully so that it doesn't rip in socks or on bed sheets. Check the area if there is any blood. If so then cleanse and dress the area and see a medical professional just to make sure that that one spot of blood doesn't go bad.

If the area is discharging, red, hot or swollen then you should go an see a medical foot professional.

Being Diabetic there are a few things that should already be done for you- checking your circulation, nerve status and Diabetic risk. More information can be found here:

Managing Diabetic feet

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