thickened toenail

by sam

Is a thick toenail dangerous and is it a fungus? I have been putting stuff onto it and it hasnt changed.


It depends. A true thick toenail has very little “different” colours to it. It also isn’t spongy when cut.

A thickened toenail is caused by a large range of issues:

1- big trauma- like one big whack

2- small trauma- little tiny hits over time

3- mechanics- how you walk, how your muscles are

4- some illnesses

5- poor circulation

Thickened toenails can actually become fungal over time because of the “shine” has gone from the nail. The nail isn’t perfect anymore so a fungus can jump in. You can get antifungus treatments but that will cure the fungus but will not get the nail back to original state.

How about if you stopped the cause?

It depends on how the nail growing area (matrix) has been affected. At the very start you might be able to get away with it. The nail will grow out (takes many months) and the nail will be normal. However if the nail doesn’t grow out then the thickened toenail will always be there.

How about if you had the toenail removed?

It might work. Again with that type of procedure you will find that there is a chance that the matrix can easily be damaged. It also might not and the nail grows out normally. However that is the risk you take.

And is a thick toenail dangerous? It depends, if you have poor circulation, poor healing, poor nerves then there is a change of the thick nail affecting your skin and causing a problem.

For the full lowdown on thick toenails then check out this: Thickened toenail 101

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