Thick Toenail?

by Shelly L.
(Stockton California USA)

To make a long story short :-) Over the last (6 ) years I have been treated by Doctors... There have been (2) toe nail samples sent to the lab & it came back - no fungus....
(2) topicals and (2) series of Lamosil , nothing has worked.. Can you please help?
I would be so grateful.. Thank you!
Sincerely Shelly

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Feb 12, 2017

by: Dominic

It is hard to see in the pictures- it also looks like you have nail polish on :)

Toenail sampling is sometimes random- depends on where they took the sampling from, how it traveled etc

If you have tried- and followed, all the treatments and nothing has moved or budged then it might not be a fungus...might just be a thickened nail.

Your big toe seems a little involuted- minor pincer like, and that with possible hitting the top of footwear could be causing the thickness. Fungus might become secondary to the thickening- so get rid of the fungus and the thickness is still there.

Involuted nails do not go away. They can be removed and then a false nail applied.

Also if you have white flecks in your nail- could also be from the nail polish remover.

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