Thank you!

by Cerise
(Torrance, CA)

I've been reading your site, great! I'm a manicurist and I was researching to update my talk with a client who had dark patches (blood) under her very thick callus after a vacation (she goes too long between care and wears inappropriate shoes for her work). I really appreciate the information on so many issues clients come in with and the inaccurate information they are often given by friends and the internet... I've seen so many who have thick nails diagnosed with "fungus", that of course is never cured... the only mention I might make is of sanding down thick toe nails, the often more fibrous layers under a thick nail sometimes lead, when the nail is thinned too much, to the nail coming apart... that can lead to other sometimes more serious problems.

Glad to see the peroxide, Listerine, tea tree oil question addressed!
Thank you for clear and concise information!

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Feb 09, 2017
by: Dominic

NP. Thanks for the comment.

Thick toenails are complicated and difficult to manage. We have had people file their nails to the nail bed. We have also seen a cheese grater used and tin snips. One of the best ones is cheese wire- which ended up in issues not for the faint of heart :)
With thickened toenails I bring back patients on a regular basis to see how they are getting on and then no rebook if I think they have "got it". Sometimes you can only do so much within a 30 minute appointment that the patient has to do some sort of care- if they are able, at home that has been checked and that they are comfortable doing.

Then you have patients with certain conditions who I wouldnt want them to do home treatment- even if it was simple filing. So that would be Diabetics, Rheumatoid, Poor circulation, Poor eyesight, Poor sensation to the feet- there is a long list :)

Also the patient has to be comfortable to contact the clinic if they want help or ask a question. With one patient I spent 30 minutes just answering the list of questions that they brought in. But that is what we are supposed to be doing :) To try and help patients.

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