Sweaty Feet

by Rosalie

My feet are always cold and recently I've figured out that my feet are actually damp and my socks are damp...is this diabetes related? I don't have diabetes but am always on the look out for signs and symptoms. I am aboriginal and nearly my entire paternal family has diabetes...so yes it runs in the family. What can I do about it?


Hi Rosalie

Thank you for your email.

Yes, excess sweating can be a sign of Diabetes, however other signs would also be noticeable, like warm feet, thirst, interrupted sleep etc.

If you are a teen then sweaty feet tend to go hand in hand with that age group.

Figure out what makes them sweat, Are you walking a lot, running, getting shoes wet with the weather?

Are your socks natural fibres? Have you tried over the counter sweat reducing compound for your feet? Do you change your socks often?

Because of your family history, you should really get checked out anyway at your Doctors. Just to be sure that you haven't got it or even if you are close to getting Diabetes- which can be checked.

If you do have it, don't worry, it is a good thing because it can be controlled by yourself and your Doctor. If you do not have Diabetes then great, however a routine check every so many years would also be advisable with a sensible healthy living plan.

Hope this helps.

All the best.

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