OK, What Is The Strongest Foot Wart Treatment?

foot warts

So we know what foot warts are right (click on the link for all you need to know). There are a huge amount of treatments out there- some work better than others. Because:

Foot warts are hard to treat and regardless of treatment, they can come back.

So we want the treatment that is going to be the most effective. The best one so far is Liquid Nitrogen (LN)

Tell Me More About This LN

Liquid nitrogen is a liquid at around -196 degree Celsius. When it touches anything warmer than that it evaporates- becomes a gas instantly.

liquid nitrogen

By using this property, the liquid can be placed into a container and it can be directed and sprayed at an object. So in most clinics a LN container is used which has a long tube at the top which some patients mistake for a needle. This tube directs a focused stream of liquid nitrogen onto an area.

liquid nitrogen warts

OK, So How Does All This Work?

Assuming that you have a wart, the following procedure is usually done:

  1. hard skin is removed from the wart
  2. the area is masked with tape so that only the wart is going to be treated
  3. LN is applied to the area for a certain amount of time
  4. The area is checked and another appointment is made

We try and reassess the area after 4 treatments. By then you would should have a good guess if the wart is being affected and shrinking (usually after 2 treatments you can see which way the wart is going).

Is That It? So...Any Disadvantages?

It can be sore. That is the main problem. Why? Because of how the wart is:

liquid nitrogen wart

The LN goes down taking good skin as well as wart skin also shrinking blood vessels and touching nerves as well, so it can be sore. As the wart comes closer to the surface (because they do not like LN at all) it can get more sore. Obviously with children- you have to figure out the patient you can use it on.

The area can also blister. Like a frozen blister.

In some patients, the area can break down.

I wouldn't apply LN to some patients- especially those with poor healing, poor circulation or where they have warts everywhere or inbetween their toes.

So You Can Get This Over The Counter Right?

The stuff that you can buy might not be as strong as what is used in the clinic. Also, more than likely you will pull away as the treatment gets sore.

I personally like patients to come into the clinic to have this done as we can monitor them, they have someone to call if they are concerned, and also not all patients require this treatment.

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