A-Z Of Spenco Orthotics.

spenco orthotics

Spenco Orthotics, a company founded in 1967 by Dr. Wayman Spence, is a healthcare company that produces high quality foot care and insole products. Their commitment to provide excellent service also extends into their first aid and sports medicine product lines. With a mission to help people live a more comfortable lifestyle, Spenco also regularly updates their website with information about new technology and treatment options.

What Types of Foot Care Products and Orthotics do They Manufacture?

In the past 40 years Spenco’s foot care products have included orthotics, arch support, insoles and heel pads.

Their lines include:

Spenco RX – this clinically designed and doctor recommended line includes Comfort Insoles, ¾ length Arch Cushions, Arch Cushions, ¾ length Orthotic Arch Supports, Orthotic Arch Supports, ThinSole Orthotics, ¾ length ThinSole Orthotics, Ball of Foot Cusions and Heel Cushions. These reduce friction, absorb shock, and improve comfort.

SpencoPolySorb – this line is meant to upgrade and extend the life of shoes, hiking boots, and other active use footwear, and includes Cross Trainer, Walker/Runner, Walker/Runner Wide, ProForm, Total Support, Heavy Duty, Earthbound, FLOW Cool, and FLOW Warm.

Spenco Gel – these insoles provide 44% energy return and create cushioning and targeted support with mulit-density Thermoplastic Rubber and include Gel Insoles, Gel Total Support, Gel Heel Cups, Gel Heel Cusions, and Gel Ball of Foot Cushions.

Spenco for Her –a woman’s natural stride is different than a man’s, causing an increased quad angle, so their insole needs are different than a man’s. Because this can lead to repetitive injuries to the feet, knees and ankles, Spenco has created insoles specifically to guide a woman’s stride to a balanced and centralized path. This line includes Q Factor Cushion and Total Support.

Spenco Kids–Because kids need cushioning and support for their growing feet, Spenco has designed a line especially for after the age of five, when kid’s bones ligaments and muscles in the foot start to develop fully. This line includes PolySorb Insoles and Comfort Insoles.

Spenco also has a line of sandals PolySorb Total Support Sandals, which are available in three different styles. These sandals use Spenco’s best-selling insoles and combine them the convenience and comfort of a slip-on sandal. Their sandals are created with orthotic quality heel and arch support, with superior motion control and impact cushioning. Often sandals can cause pronation and supination because of the flat design of regular slab sandals. Spenso’s sandals help reduce this. This line of sandals includes Yumi, Kholo and Fusion, all with fashionable styles for both men and women.

Spenco also carries a line of healthcare products including their line Spenco 2nd Skin Wound Care Products, an innovative line of moist wound technology which has been proven to help wounds heal better and faster and with reduced scar formation. This line of wound care products treats abrasions, cuts, burns and also prevents blistering as it protects the skin from friction and rubbing.

Their SpencoSilicore line includes bed pads, chair pads, wheelchair pads, foot pillows and foot positioners. These cushions allow for air flow, retain their loft, and protect and cushion the pressure =-prone parts of the body.

Spenco has made it their business to make life more enjoyable through their orthotics and healthcare products. A highly doctor-recommended company, Spenco will likely be on the market for a long time to come.

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