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solefit orthotics

Ryan and Cassandra Grant, a brother and sister team of pedorthists are the owners of the Ottawa based business Solefit Orthotics. Their goal is to not only provide excellent customer service, but to determine the root causes of gait issues and make the proper recommendations on how to effectively correct these issues.

Solefit is affiliated with the College of Pedorthics of Canada and the Pedorthic Association of Canada, and, with 3 certified pedorthists who are trained in the manufacture, the fit, and the modification of orthotics they are able to provide foot orthotics that help to relieve pain caused by conditions of the back, the hips, lower limbs and feet.

In order to provide their patients the best possible service, Solefit holds themselves to the utmost standards of quality and integrity. It doesn’t hurt that this brother/sister team truly love what they do.

Who Needs Solefit Orthotics?

If you think that the aches and pains in your feet are just a normal part of life, think again. Your feet are important biological structures that should not be ignored. Solefit offers custom made orthotics that are designed to treat various leg and foot issues, including:

Fasciitis – painful inflammation of the connecting tissue on the bottom of the foot.

Tendonitis – painful inflammation of the tendon.

Heel Spurs –a hook of bone that appears at the back of the foot on the bone.

Neuroma – a nerve tumor that appears on the foot, often between the toes.

Hammer toes -this condition includes the deformity of the second, third or fourth toe.

Shin splints –pain just behind or along the shins.

Knee pain –can be caused by various conditions including arthritis, injury etc.

The use of orthotics can not only help resolve these conditions, but they can also prevent future problems and recurrences.

What Products and Services Does Solefit Offer?

Because they have an onsite lab, Solefit can provide a faster, more personal service to their patients. Their products and services include orthotic adjustments and recovers, metatarsal pads, heel and sole lifts, spot stretching, toe spacers and toe crests.

Solefit initially provides a gait and footwear analysis by a certified pedorthist which allows their team to determine what specific needs a patient has and how they can help achieve a pain free foot care plan.

Solefit’s onsite lab offers many benefits for their patients, as they carry a large variety of materials that allow their staff to fit the orthotics perfectly for a patient’s needs. All of their orthotics are custom made, using plaster casts to ensure that the correct 3D neutral foot position is captured. It generally only takes a week from the foot casting to the day the patient can pick up their new orthotic and begin enjoying a happier, more comfortable life with mush reduced or completely eliminated pain.

Anyone requiring orthotic assessment of their feet, or custom made orthotic products and who happen to live in the Ottawa area will be happy to know they have a very viable option in the form of a business that exists to help patients lead fuller and pain-free active lives.

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