How To Own Your Smelly Feet

Smelly feet is actually a sign of something happening. Apart from a few foods which cause some skin sweating with minor odour. Odour from feet is usually associated with a cause.

The 3 top main causes:

1. Sweaty Feet.

sweaty foot

This is the most common and unfortunately links in with most other smelly foot issues.

If you have a wet or damp foot then place it into a dark area and keep it warm you are causing an amazing place to create micro-organisms to live a much healthier life. Your own skin microbes do a great job at keeping invaders away but they too can become over run or even become excess themselves.

The foot is a prime place for Athletes Foot and toenail fungus which are both related conditions.

The fungus munches away at the skin and then deposits what it doesn't like. The dead skin and fungus causes excess odour.

The most common sweaty feet people?

  • teens
  • people who play sports

If you think about it, it is quite obvious. Increased sweating, increased warmth, constant socks/ shoes. They usually have a shower regularly- but still are keeping the foot in a damp environment.

Diabetes can also create sweaty feet and some people also have an excess sweat element to them anyway.

2. Bacteria

smelly feet bateria

Bacteria is where it starts to get a little worse. There is overgrowth of bacteria and it is chomping on that skin and causing a bad time for your feet. You can get "pitting" within your skin which is a bacterial infection of the skin. In some instances Pseudomonas can come in and cause really smelly feet. If this is the case then a Doctor visit is required.

3. Wounds

smelly feet ulcer

The next worse one is the ulcer- or break down in the skin. Can you see in the picture that around the holes there is yellow then white skin? That is macerated- too much discharge and discharge in excess is infection- which can really smell if not managed properly.

If you have holes in your feet then that is an immediate Doctor visit. They can in some instances get worse and form wet gangrene which is even smellier as it is skin breakdown with no blood and infection combined.

11 Smelly Feet Treatments

smelly feet treatment

It all depends which type of smelly feet issue you actually have. Holes and the feet or a bacterial infection? Go to the doctor. If you smelly feet are causing problems for you then going to the doctor to figure out the underlying cause is a wise idea.

  1. Making sure you dry your feet thoroughly- and that means inbetween your toes
  2. If someone has athletes foot or fungus toenails then try not to share footcare equipment or socks
  3. Where safe and if you dont have any illnesses, walk around the home barefooted- allow your feet to air. When you are watching long bouts of TV take your socks off. Do you really need to wear socks in bed?
  4. As long as you have a regular bath and shower then there is no real need to wash your feet on a daily basis. Soaking them sometimes dries them out and causes dry skin. If you use showers at a gym then use sandals.
  5. If you have athletes foot or sweaty feet then washing your feet in salt (table salt) water for no longer than 5 minutes will add a drying nature to the water. then pad dry and allow your feet to air
  6. There are many compounds that you can apply to foot soaks to dry out your feet, ask your Pharmacist which one is good for you
  7. Wear socks that "wick" away moisture and natural materials are good, however new synthetic materials are getting awesome. Sports shops will have a large range
  8. If you walk a lot then try to wear one pair of shoes and another pair another day- allowing one to dry out. Some Hockey rinks clean their shoes using various sprays- ask if they can do yours for a certain amount of money
  9. Powders to shoes and feet are OK, however they can clog and bobble on your skin reducing the effectiveness of the powder
  10. There are a huge array of sprays that you apply to your feet, like an antiperspirant which reduces the sweating before it actually starts to sweat
  11. If you have really sweaty and smelly feet then it is possible to have Botox to reduce the sweating- it only lasts for a certain time, and is expensive, but it depends on how bad your smelly feet are.  

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