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A couple of questions, hope you don't mind.

1. Orthopedic shoes are in the range of $250 but I found some online at Footsmart that are under $100. Do you know if it is possible to get a good fit this way when you have a foot problem? My problem is always the arthritic joint on top of my foot and the shoe opening, or sometimes the stitching, hurts it.

2. I have an arthritic joint on the top of my left foot about 3/4" below where my big toe joins the foot so the bump/ridge is on top of my foot, not sticking out the side like I see in pictures of bunions. (Is mine still actually what is called a bunion?)

I also have a frozen joint in the big toe itself, both of them, so I can't roll onto the big toe when walking. I have this in both feet but the right foot has no arthritic joint nor pain. My left foot is pain free in runners.

3. My left foot arthritic joint is making my big left toe lean towards the second toe, and the second toe leans left as well, but then the middle toe leans towards the second toe, looking very stupid. Do you have any opinion on foot surgery for this condition?

My orthopedic surgeon didn't want to do it and said to get good shoes instead, which is SO HARD except for runners. But my lifestyle requires something nicer than that, and I don't know what to get. I get some pair of shoes and wear them for YEARS because I can't find anything. Your help would be appreciated.



Now because there are no pictures, I will try and help.

Arthritis is basically a boney change in the joint- anywhere there is a joint.

Question 1- They may be cheaper (p&p included?) but if you have something that is exactly the same that you have tried on in a store (and I mean exactly) then it is OK to buy. If they are not the same in any way shape or form- then don't buy.

2- Depending on where your lump is it could be due to the long bone of your big toe joining the cuneiform bones just by it- one moves up and the other down and they bump into each other causing bone to form. However it could well be a limited joint- hallux limitus, especially if the boney lump is on the top portion of your foot rather than the side. If this is the case then it will get to stage where bone takes over the joint and will become pain free- but you will get hard skin build up because of the lack of motion through that joint.

If your big toe is leaning in then your have a possible bunion which can be slowed down with orthotics with cushioning. The second toe is reacting towards the additional pressure from the big toe but is stopping the big toe from coming over for the moment.

Running shoes are great because they are designed to be walked with- they are flexible. They give your toes more movement with their flexibility. Running shoes can come in different colors and jet black ones can look similar to normal shoes with out flashy logos or colors. New Balance are my favorite at the moment.

A good surgeon will not operate on a foot until you have done everything that you can because surgery can be 50/50- might go well might go bad. Bent toes usually get straightened and it works well for some and bad for others.

Surgery on big toes are randomly good and depends upon what is done. If bunions are just shaved off then it will come back again. If the bone is fused then you will have additional problems because there is no movement and you get pressure related problems. False joints are great but for a younger person they might not be so good because they only last for 20yrs or so and then the procedure needs to be redone.

If you have a lump on the top of your big toe (the hallux limitus) then othotics with a kinetic wedge usually help as they give a false additional area and therefore increase toe movement.

Can you post again with pictures?

Hope this helps.

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Jul 10, 2014
Picture of my foot
by: Anonymous

I need deep shoes with soft, high, no stitching tops. They need to come up high over the bump. I wear a lot of dressy dresses and need some type of shoe for them. Flat is even okay if they are not clunky. I'm 67 by the way. I don't know how to attach pictures but will try to post again with some.

Jul 10, 2014
Alegria shoes
by: Barbie

I personally love Alegria by PG Lite. The footbed conforms 2 "my foot" gives me customized arch support/fit. It can accommodate inserts/as well as I can choose footbed width/footbed interchangeable across 100's of styles. They have amazing styles for men/women from causal/dress/work /tennis shoe styles. Me/mom/daddy all have bad feet/knee/leg pain/probs/my daddy is also severe diabetic and we can walk all day pain free,no leg,knee,foot stress at all/like walking on a cloud! They r expensive but I look for sales bc i buy them for all 3 of us! 1 day that's only brand in all our closets!

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