Seed Corns 101

Seed corns are one of the easiest corns to remove.

Seed corns (SC) are not actually corns because they are formed differently. They are not formed by pressure, they are actually formed by dry skin.

The dry skin folds in upon itself creating SCs.

Because they are formed when dry skin is present. They can be found anywhere around the foot- side, base...anywhere. They are not really painful, just a nuisance and if you have really dry feet and small tiny corns scattered around then you probably have some seed corns, especially since you can flick them out with your finger nail easily.

seed corns

You tend to find SCs when dryness is more prevalent. Also some illnesses can increase the susceptibility to SCs because they reduce the sweating within your feet- like Diabetes.


To treat seed corns, you treat the cause, and that is the dryness of the feet. Don't use any sort of cream, the good ones state "moisturising", the best state "urea containing". Urea is a great ingredient which allows softening and mild removal of dry skin. It is more expensive but it is worth it.

However the best way to apply moiturizing cream is "little but often". If you have a lot of dryness then once or twice a day creaming until you have the situation under control and then reduce the frequency. Also, do not use cream inbetween your toes- it makes them macerated (wet) and can cause cracking.

Two points to remember:

1- If you suffer from Diabetes, poor circulation, some illnesses and medication that reduce automatic sweating, then your skin is going to be dry anyway- so keeping on top of this problem is going to be your ultimate goal. It may seem like an uphill battle, but it needs to be done.

2- If you have no illnesses and the cream is not working, change it. Go for a more concentrated variety, change brand or chnage ingredient. Keep on swapping until you get it right. Too many patients have kept with the same cream for years- only to find no effect. Also neve apply to open wounds, like cuts.

There is also the possibility that you do not have SCs in the first place. See a Chiropodist just to be sure.

Places where you could have a corn.

On The Top
Very Small, And On The Underside Of Your Foot, Seed Corns...You're here :)
Tips Of Toes
Long Standing Corns

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