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In reality many smokers are willing to give up and want to quit smoking. They just need that gentle nudge in the right direction. I hope that this page does just that. It answers some of their questions, some of the many myths that are abound and also tells them what to expect without the fluffy text. You need all the information not just the chosen, selected highlights.

But, we also have some smokers that do not want to give up for various reasons. If we can just help some question their smoking without the need of shouting or pointing fingers, then at least we have achieved something.

At any given time, only about 10% of smokers are planning to quit in the next month, 30% are contemplating to quit in the next 6 months, 30% plan to quit at some unknown time, and 30% have no plans to quit. Prev Med. 1997

One misperception by clinicians, smokers, and nonsmokers is “all smokers can quit smoking, if they are just motivated enough.” Journal Of General Internal Medicine 2005.

You are about to join the multi-millions of people that want to give up- and join the multi-millions of people that already have.

But it wasn’t easy was it? There is even a big thought in your mind that actually you are doing this for someone else, rather than yourself. Which is admirable, but how about if they are not around, how about if you don’t see them…will you smoke again?

Smoking has been around for obviously longer before it was discovered. We are talking hundreds of years to get the formula right, hundreds of years to get the right leaves, hundreds of years to find a good technique and hundreds of years of people dying needlessly.

But back then it was different, lower age expectancies were lower anyway and if someone died then they had a good life and people moved on. They didn’t realize that what they enjoyed the most was actually harming them. In some texts of the time, tobacco is classed as a wonder drug, a panacea. Through the 17th century the demand grew for the crop and it became a number 1 export. But, same as today, the image of power, sophistication and money rapidly spread throughout Europe where the upper-classes were the first to indulge in smoking.

Smoking was then predominantly snuff, pipe and chewing as it wasn’t until a little later that cigarettes came about following the Civil War. Then when the cigarette rolling machine was introduced it gave a huge boost to cigarettes. Then came World War 1 and 2 which propelled cigarettes as the smoking method of choice. Cinema didn’t convert as many as the actual near instantaneous shift in mood that something so cheap and accessible could provide.

But now these service men and women were hooked and came back home hooked.

Then I could even start this page with the sentence. “Fantastic! You are obviously lying to yourself in quitting”…Doesn’t make a good start does it?

But that is what we have to deal with. Are you serious or are you not? Books, information, self-help groups and everything that you see can not help you unless you want to quit. Now, relapsing is different, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Breaking an addictive habit is difficult and you would be wrong to think less and many people have quit, started a little bit again and then quit for good.

On the other hand you have people that really want to quit smoking. They have had enough, they have their reasons and those reasons are powerful enough to get them started and see them through to the finish line…and keep them there.

Then you have the people who do not want to quit. Now that is OK. It sounds odd coming from an anti-smoking page, but if someone doesn’t want to do it then being forced to do it is not going to get the job done.

Never has...never will

quit smoking

The rate of relapse is going to be large and the result is a reduced confidence which then increases the smoking burden and even pushes the day of actual quitting back further- even out of sight. The person will say “tried to give up but I couldn’t”. Or, “it’s my life I want to smoke”.

These pages are going to be slightly different. It is going to give you facts and all the tips that you need to quit…however if you don’t read it, take action or do something about it then what is the point, seriously?

You will even notice many research articles that categorically state the facts related to the topic covered. Many hours of research and much money have been spent on smoking research and many of those article findings are presented here. I give you the journal and date…this isn’t made up stuff…it’s real. Some of the journals have released articles on smoking from the early 70s…this issue has been known about for some time.

On some of the pages we won’t even talk about smoking because smoking is not actually what we want to sort out. It is the factors which are causing you to smoke that are the problem.

You see, you can buy patches, you can buy sprays, you can even buy tape to put around your cigarette pack to seal it up but that isn’t gonna stop you from smoking is it? You will just borrow a cigarette from friends or co-workers. Anyone can get you to stop smoking, heck, you don’t even need a book to stop smoking,

What you need is actually the reason of why you are smoking in the first place to be removed

…and this can sort that out for you.

We can then sort out a life plan, because at the end of the day your life is going to change, don’t let anyone fool you into believing that that isn’t going to happen. What you tend to find is that “smoking friends” know it will, and they are scared that they are going to be Billy-No-Mates, left alone with no-one else. They are scared of your success- what you can and are going to accomplish.

You tend to find that smoking is coupled to activity, a healthier lifestyle and eating habits. What is known is that when smokers do quit they slightly increase in weight (more about this later). In part it is due to the nicotine, but in most part due to additional eating from the smoker to compensate for not-smoking! So we need to find ways of making sure that smoking is not on your mind. Which it is, it is ingrained into your subconscious and you do things out of habit rather than out of need- which is important to recognize.

Now this doesn’t mean running hundreds of miles a night to take your mind off smoking, far from it. We will tap into things that you want to do (and no, you can not smoke) and some people don’t want to or just don’t like the idea of running, jumping or going to the gym- that’s fine.

The question you have to ask then is. Are you ready to quit smoking?

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