Preparing To Quit Smoking

preparing to quit smoking

OK, before we start to quit smoking, here is something that you won't find on many webpages:

Are you sure you want to quit smoking?

Most smokers just aren’t sure that they want to give up. To some it is a pleasurable experience, to others it helps them in certain situations and with others they are concerned about quitting.

But how do you know if you are actually ready? How can you tell?

You’re ready to stop smoking when

1. Quitting smoking is the most important decision and the most important goal in your life.

2. You realize that in order to get on in health, self-respect and well being you have to make changes and your own life decisions.

3. However you try to escape it, time is running out. 10 years ago was as quick as an eye blink…and deep down you know that you have to change.

4. You start to feel responsible to yourself, family and friends. An entangled web of people who you care about depend upon your health and well being and you have figured this out. They need you as much as you need them and without you their world reduces.

5. Some smokers will even reduce their smoking to other versions of smoking, like cigars.

Why should we prepare?

Preparing to quit smoking is divided up into 4 sections:

1. Are you right to quit?

2. Preparing to quit

3. Quit day

4. Life after quitting- resolving relapses and cravings.

Why 4 stages? Because like we said before smoking is not just being able to put down a cigarette it is actually a whole process. You lead up to quit day and you lead past quit day. Once quit day occurs then the process still continues.

You need to plan well ahead of time so that you can get better prepared, your body gets prepared and as we will find out, your mind needs to be prepared or else relapses will be commonplace and you will revert back to smoking. Without a plan without a positive direction you will have a very rough ordeal because you will be lost. What do you do? Where do you go to? What is happening to me? How long does this last? Can I do this?

And ultimately…

What happens now?

Smokers when they quit are missing something, like a little friend. And it is knowing what to do after you quit that makes a huge difference. And making that plan makes such an easy reference guide that you can refer back to it time and time again.

Ultimately this page is your plan. Choose the section, re-read if needed, print it out and then highlight or even add your own text, anything to make it easier for you.

Because quitting smoking needs to be easy. It needs to be uncomplicated. You shouldn’t be wondering. Your mind should be focused at the job in hand- to quit smoking!

The webpage sections do contain facts, it does contain information that you might not want to hear and it does contain information garnered from many sources- medical professionals, ex-smokers, personal experiences, observations and medical text.

But I need you to read all of it and take it in. That means when we get to the section about what smoking does to you, don’t roll your eyes and say “oh, here we go again”. Sure you may know the information, sure you might have even been told countless times from your Doctor, but did it go in? Did it register? With some people it does, deep down, it plays on their minds. Other people tend to need a bigger incentive- when a friend or co-worker dies who are similar age and lifestyles.

See, smoking doesn’t really care who you are or what you do. If you have all the necessary factors lined up in a perfect formation then smoking will play havoc with you. Sure some smokers seem to get away with some things, whilst others have it really bad. But one thing is certain- the effects will happen to you. For some it happens too early and they are having segments of their throat removed due to cancer. Whilst with some it takes much longer, but usually in time so that they don’t see their grandkids.

Do I seem a bit harsh?

I hope I don’t seem harsh, but realistic. What am I supposed to say? That the 99 year old that has been smoking for all of their life and has no issues is a role model?

No. What I can guarantee is that 99 year old is suffering and due to pride they never want to admit it to anyone because deep down they are scared out of their mind of what a Doctor will find if they got examined.

Do you think that they really want to smoke?

Did you know that most smokers actually do not want to smoke? They don’t want to look or smell like they do…and to be honest why would they? Why would anyone who smokes state “yeah, I like the yellow fingers, hair and the crappy breath and the stinky clothes”.

1. Its Difficult To Quit Smoking

2. Prepare To Quit Smoking

3. Preparing Against Failure

4. Cigars And Safe Cigarettes

5. Countdown to Quitting

6. Quit Day And How To Reduce Smoking Urges

7. So Far...The Best Treatment Methods Around

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