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plantar warts treatment

The natural treatment of plantar warts is always surrounded by fluffy bunnies and meadows. What we have to realize is that natural treatments can be quite potent and can have a similar (desired) affect to their chemical cousins...which is good and bad.


You need the "pure version" because most Aloe products are filled with moisturizers and all sorts of fluff.

Again reduce your plantar warts with a foot file, reducing the hard skin, then apply the Aloe- which is usually a colorless liquid. Allow to dry.

Now with any sort of paint, it takes a long time to work and it takes a lot of patience. Results can vary- it can work or not unfortunately, only because of the nature of the foot wart virus itself.

Banana Skins

Again reduce the hard skins then apply the banana skin (without the actual white banana residue). It works because of the various chemicals and enzymes within the banana skin.

Masking Tape/ Duct Tape

A weird but odd one this. Some people have claimed success with this method. It works in the same way as most of the chemical treatments work- allows water in (through occlusive sweating) and then it removes the wart. However it can be tricky. You see you have to keep the tape on for a long time which can damage your surrounding skin and also have you tried to keep something sticky attached to your skin? Even lifting the tape allows it to dry out.

I wouldn't recommend this to everyone. People with poor circulation, poor feeling and poor skin condition should never do this.

Leaving it

One of the best treatment methods, is just leaving it alone. It can take up to 3 years for the body to actually recognise that there is something up and then it kicks into gear and sorts them out and you can wake up with them gone.

Also, make sure that you prevent them from coming back- these means:

1- checking everyone in your home for warts,

2- not picking them and spreading them

3- using the same shoes or socks as someone else

4- making sure your feet are dry/ normal texture and not constantly wet/ damp

These plantar warts treatment prevention methods are great, but there are some other things to think about:

1- If you have illnesses that reduce your immunity then you are going to be at risk of getting warts and other things which we fight off easily. And then once you do get rid of them, it is likely they will come back.

2- If you are on drugs that suppress your immunity, then again those foot warts can come.

Foot warts are a pain to treat because you have to take into consideration a lot of information regarding the health of the patient, the type of pattern of the foot warts and the prognosis- is it likely the wart will heal?

They usually do but not without a fight and they can come back.

How do we treat our plantar warts?

Foot warts 101

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