Plantar fasciitis

by Maureen B
(Tinley Park, IL)

I was diagnosed w/PF 3 years ago. Have been diligent with exercises and icing daily. Was told my shoes were too worn. Went out an got a pair of new Reebok Running Shoes nylon. I was given a custom orthotic $450 which my ins. would not cover. I'm on medicare; not diabetic. I'm not overweight either. I only do the staty. bike; no running or treadmill any move.

When I got the othotic my older shoe size was 7 1/2. Had trouble adj. to orthotic ... podiatrist said get a new shoe and go l/2 size bigger so it would fit better. Did so (same style Reebok), and still have pain. Dr. said shoe too big ... told him 7-l/2 scrunched my foot w/orthotic.

So, I've been trying to break in new shoe w/orthotic and I'm in worse paid then ever. Now, they feel I need a good New Balance or Brooks stablizer/gel type shoe.

Any advise? I'm in pain! I also had cortizone shots in both feet 3 yrs. ago which didn't help

Hi Maureen.

Seems like you have spent a lot of money there.

Check this page first and see if you have done everything (including the stretches as cycling can reduce your calf muscle and lead to pf). Stretching (properly) can make verything much better and make orthotics work better as well.

An XRay might be able to show up any spurs that might be present especially if the pain is localised to the heel. If the pain is in the middle of the foot then the fascia might be herniated- in other words it is in pain and it is splitting.

If you can slow down your activity and rest that would be helpful.

Also the orthotics that were created were they hard or soft or have a lump in the middle close to your toes?

Sometimes a hard orthotic can be more painful and ones with a lump towards the toe affects mechanics and over time can be sore.

Hope this helps.

BTW, regardless of shoes, make sure that you find the ones that are comfortable. They are all kinda similar. With orthotics you need depth rather than additional length, your Podiatrist could also remove the front portion of the orthotic as the controlling part is usually in the heel which would give you a smaller orthotic.

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