The North Face Running Shoes

So where did the North Face running shoes start from? Back in 1966, two hikers in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood decided that they would turn their passion into a career and would open a mountaineering store. The name North Face refers to the most unforgiving, coldest side of a mountain.

Their little backpacking and climbing equipment store The North Face opened, but soon moved to a more strategic location in Berkley. It was then that they began to design and manufacture their own apparel and equipment.

Their slogan ‘Never Stop Exploring’ brought them a loyal following of outdoor explorers and athletes and they have helped some of these people reach some of the highest places of the Himalayas. They even began to sponsor some of these expeditions which included many untouched corners of the earth.

In the 80’s, The North Face expanded to include extreme skiwear, allowing for even more extreme cold weather exploration. In the 90’s, The North Face expanded yet even further, offering Tekware – outdoor sportswear that provided ultimate function and fit. By the end of the decade, The North Face launched a line of shoes to address the needs of trail-runners and trekkers.

How Do They Operate?

They do business the same way they live their own lives, following their slogan ‘Never Stop Exploring’. Their commitment to the outdoors is a major part of their business practices. While their business is built on exploring and loving this planet, they also take a passionate approach to protecting it.

Their desire to protect the planet as well as explore it has led them to work towards sustainability. With the belief that their efforts to protect the planet can always be improved, they continue to explore four main key areas of sustainability including: Waste Elimination, Reducing Green House Gas, Engagement in the Community and Product Innovation. They believe that there are always choices, and it is their goal to always make the right ones.

Famous Fans of The North Face

There are a number of celebrities who choose to wear The North Face sportswear, including Julianne Moore, Jennifer Garner, Russell Crowe, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Jackie Chan and Robert Pattinson. (maybe he was wearing The North Face in The Twilight Series while he fought off those deviant vampires?)

It’s really no wonder that high profile people and celebrities enjoy sporting The North Face Brand. Not only is the apparel stylish, but it will keep them warm as they jump in and out of limos in that cold California weather ;).

Where is the Company Headed?

The North Face running shoes have established itself as an innovative company that pushed the boundaries of their product line so that their customers can push the boundaries of their exploration. They have positioned themselves as the world’s favorite among extreme sports enthusiasts. Their dedication to this area of sports equipment will see them well into the next 40+ years of success.

Where are they headed? Straight to the top - of the Himalayas perhaps.

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