New Orthotics

by Donald S
(Glenshaw, Pa)

Just received my orthotics from your company. Athought I've only had them for less than a week, and my feet feel much better. I suffered for approaximately three months before seeking proffessional help and I'm glad I did.

My question is: I didn't see any explaination of how to takecare of my othotics. I would like to know, what if any cleaning maintenance I should be doing. I nightly take the orthoics out of my shoes to let them air out. Should I be wearing them costantly or can I wear them occassionally? Can the orthotis get wet or should I not wear them when boating? Should I use any type of foot deodorant on the orthotic. Is there any chemials that I should not use to clean my orthotics?

Don S.

Hi Don

My company is in Canada, so it might not be them, glad you liked it though :)

An orthotic needs to be used for one hour one day, two hours the next day and three hours the other day. If they are fine after that- go for it, if they are sore, go back to day one.

No need to clean them with anything, they deteriorate related to how much you use them.

Also, they should be able to move from one shoe to another.

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