Need good shoes

by Florence
(New York )

I have very wide toes and a skinny heel, almost shaped like a pizza. My big toe has changed to a gray color and my second toes have thickened nails. My second toes are also longer than my big toes. I think this is all due to have poorly sized shoes, causing hammer toes. Where can I get shoes for my condition?


Shoes need to be measured and then fitted properly. Sometimes expensive shoes offer little difference to "normal priced" shoes.

The long second toe is normal, especially for ladies but some people call it Mortons Syndrome. All the body will do is bring back the toe so it will be clawed. The thickening of your toenails could be due to the nails hitting the floor and thickening up in response to the clawing.

If you find that the heels are always slipping off, good shoe shops will sell sticky felt which can line the heel and prevent movement.

Unsure about the grey color of your toe, doesn't sound the best, might want to get that checked out.

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