What Is All This About Athletes Foot / Skin Fungus? How Do We Naturally Treat It?

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Why do we care about a natural skin fungus remedy? Some people are more scared of “commercial pharmaceutical” preparations. Most pharmaceutical medication build up toxicity if it is applied over a long period of time, and if you haven't treated the cause then who really wants to apply something toxic to themselves?

However it must be stated that if something is natural it doesn't always mean that it is safe and sound. Some people can be allergic to natural remedies and some natural remedies can contain some strange and dangerous concoctions.

If you want to treat your AF (athletes foot) naturally, then research it properly. I will give you natural treatments, the start of your natural treatment plan, but check it out anyway. See a Herbalist, read up more.

6 Most Effective, Cheap And Easily Obtainable Natural Fungus Remedies Available.

Vinegar. Apart from putting it on your fries, vinegar is a good natural skin fungus remedy. Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the best acid soaks there is. Apply equal parts Apple Cider Vinegar and warm, soothing water, and then soak your feet for 10 minutes daily. Dry your feet (especially in between toes) after each session.

Aloe Vera. It's in everything and practically does everything. Aloe Vera is simply great for healing skin, especially the cracks and blisters associated with skin fungus. Rub the Aloe Vera into affected parts of your feet- easy.

Onions. A healthier use for them is to apply the uncooked onion juice into affected areas. Make sure though that you test a small area. Onion juice is quite potent and could cause pain if your skin is tender.

Licorice. This is one potent natural skin fungus remedy because Licorice contains 25 fungicidal agents. Add 6 teaspoons of powdered Licorice to a cup of boiling water and simmer for 20 minutes. Strain out residue and allow the mixture to cool. Then dab it onto your skin fungus 3 times a day.

Garlic. We all love Garlic...don't we? Garlic is one of natures healing agents. From lowering cholesterol to fighting infection, Garlic is a great natural fighter to have on your side. So it is not surprising that Garlic is also a great natural skin fungus remedy. Crush several Garlic cloves and drop them into a tub of warm water with a little rubbing alcohol added. Gently place both feet into the tub and soak for 10 minutes, once a day. Make sure you dry those feet well.

Ginger. Contains more than 20 antifungal compounds and is a heavy weight when it comes to a good natural skin fungus remedy. To make a tea, add 1 teaspoon of grated ginger to a cup of boiling water, steep for 10-15 minutes and strain. Sweeten with honey and drink a cup 3 times daily. For added bang for your buck, swab the affected areas of your feet with left over tea.

Please note. There are many people using mouth wash to control their Athletes Foot "naturally". One thing to note...it is mouth wash! I have seen however good results probably because of the alcohol content. But I would not use it because the product has been formulated for the mouth...rather than the feet and for different organisms. So be wise to what people state. As an example: My dad was told when he was younger that putting mercury in your hands was great (it was fun too), and the teacher encouraged everyone to do it. However we now know that it is very toxic.

You may not have tried the "pharmaceutical" methods, so check out one of the best skin fungus treatments.

What is Athletes foot?

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