Toenail Fungus Natural Cures Info 101 (before you start treatment).

Toenail fungus natural cures are what people are hunting for- something comes from a plant or some part of an animal. It has to be good right?

Only one problem with this theory is that most “human made” cures are derived from their natural cousins- taking out the pain, rashes and sometimes even the toxicity of the natural version.

In the news a while back, one “Natural Doctor” kept on supplying a cream that had Lead within it (unfortunately Lead is a heavy metal and doesn’t get removed from the body. It also affects many internal systems).

Just because someone states that it works, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for you. This is why one toenail fungus natural “cures”, Vicks was being used by many people. A columnist stated that it worked on their toenails. Problem is that Vicks may work on extremely mild fungus toenails, but forget anything else. Also there is a toxicity within Vicks at high concentrations. You can see the low down here: Vicks as a fungus toenail treatment?

If you are going to go down the natural route, then this main page will show you all the toenail fungus natural cures, and only those that have a hint of remedying the problem.

But still do your homework.

Where Is X, Y Or Z Preparation?

Most of the natural preparations for nail fungus are exactly the same.One day someone might suggest Llama saliva as a cure because it contains an anti-fungus agent.

But, you may find that there is only a 1% active agent running about…which is nothing.

Also some anti-fungus treatments can only be used in a certain way. Some need to be in a cream form, whilst other need for your foot to be soaked.

However, I find that soaks have very little effect on any fungus toenail and as a toenail fungus cure are very limited. This is because your nail is too hard and penetration into the nail is difficult.

So do you soak for hours?

No. A foot soak of any kind can only be done for no longer than 2 minutes. This is what many, if not most people do not realize. Soaking your foot for too long in any solution causes problems further down the line. It can make your toenails prone to more damage, make your skin susceptible to infection and even cause wet cracks (maceration) to appear in between your toes. This is not good.

Ok, Soaks Aren’t The Best…So How About Paints Or Lacquers?

Toenail fungus natural cures have readily been advertised as paints for your toenail, however they have one inherent problem:

They use a paint

The nail is very impervious to water, in other words it doesn’t let it in. So you need then to gently break the surface shine of the nail and then apply the paint.

This can easily be done with a nail-file (a cheap DollarStore one cut in half to get more mileage out of it) and then discarded. Apply the paint as advertised and then repeat.

This will give you a huge success rating.

But remember to follow the instructions of the pot and be in this for the long haul…because it can take months (9 is the commonest time frame for medium fungus toenails) for anything to happen.

Check out some of the better natural cures for toenail fungus here.

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