Lynco Orthotics.

lynco orthotics

Lynco orthotics is an affordable brand of orthotics that include over the counter devices and insoles. They are one of the top orthotic manufacturers today.

Their product lines are comparable to the much more expensive lines out there, but their cost is much more affordable, starting at only $40 a pair and lasting up to six months.

What Do They Manufacture?

Their insole product line includes:

Lynco L200 Series insoles for diabetes & arthritis – these are designed for the arthritic, sensitive or diabetic needs, conforming to the foot shape and offering optimum arch support.

Lynco L400 Series Sports Orthotics–perfect for work boots or athletic shoes, these insoles are made with triple-layer extra cushioning.

Lynco L500 Series Dress Orthotic–these are lightweight insoles with excellent cushioning and support to fit almost any footwear. They are designed to absorb shock and fit comfortably whil cushioning the feet.

Lynco L505 Series Dress Orthotic –these insoles are designed with a neutral heel and metatarsal pad, which offers cushioning and support for the balls of feet, but is not used for correcting foot alignment. These are made with tighter fitting dress shoes in mind.

Lynco L600 Series for Casual Shoes – made for sandals or dress shoes, these insoles have a thinner profile to compensate for less room in dress shoes.

Lynco L800 Series golf orthotics – these insoles are made not only to support the arches to improve balance, the copper topcoat helps keep the feet feeling fresh by killing fungus and bacteria.

What Makes Lynco Orthotics So Special?

Aside from the obvious affordability factor, Lynco’s insoles have a unique design. Their insoles consist of cushioning surrounding a rubber base, offering the most support and comfort.

What Conditions Will Lynco Orthotics Improve or Treat?

The health conditions that Lynco’s products can help improve or treat include diabetic foot issues, plantar fascia – a condition where the muscle running along the bottom of the feet is torn or inflamed, weak arches, arthritis, and sensitive feet.

With such an extensive line of insoles that are affordable to almost anyone, people do not have to suffer from foot pain. This type of pain radiates all over the body and can make walking and standing a miserable experience. Lynco orthotics can be bought over the counter even without a prescription. For someone buying insoles without professional help, it’s important to remember a few things.

- Your feet will likely hurt when you first wear your new orthotics. Think of them like new shoes, your feet need time to adjust. Your feet will adjust, as will your arches that are not used to the insoles, but once they’ve adjusted your feet will be unbelievably comfortable.

- You should have different insoles for different shoes.

- There are many different kinds available for many different foot issues. If you’re not sure, ask a professional to steer you in the right direction so you don’t waste your money. Asking for help will save you time as well.

- If one insole doesn’t work, or your feet don’t adjust, don’t give up. It may mean that you chose the wrong kind.

If you’re searching for a brand of orthotics that are affordable and have an excellent track record, Lynco is a great choice to helping your feet be as comfortable as possible.

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