little toe ulcer and little toe corn

how do I get rid of a toe ulcer...I keep getting corns on the inside of little toe and the top part gets an ulcer which is painful.


The ulcer is there for a reason. Usually footwear.

The shoes are too shallow and tight so that the toe is being rubbed on the outside/ on the top. The shoes are also crushing the toes together which causes the little toe joint to rub with the 4th toe join inbetween toes.

If you have a corn or an ulcer then they need to be removed by a professional (no corn plasters please) then they should recommend how to prevent it- wider and deeper shoes and a gel spacer to put inbetween your 4th and 5th toes. If you put a spacer in now it will hurt because it will press on the corn.

if you have an ulcer then a professional should be able to take care of it until it has healed. I would advise against home treatment because the skin and fat on your toes are small therefore larger issues can occur with toe ulcers.

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