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I have noticed that mission and vision statements are on separate pages for many companies. I think they should be on the same page, interlinked with one another. Because:

  • Mission: Who you intend to be?
  • Vision: How can you go about do that?


To be the best footcare provider for patients and providers. To be there for them. To be honest and to continually grow and be the innovator.


We can only accomplish our Mission through

  • you- the patient, the clinician.

We dont know what you want but we know what you might like. We will regularly try ideas out, try a new venture or try our best to figure out how to improve your foot health, your foot knowledge and be the best at doing that.

We want to get to know you.

We want both of you, the patient and clinician to choose us over anyone else. Wouldnt that be just awesome?


Dominic. LDFootcare

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