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Langer Orthotics and Biomechanics is the designer and manufacturer of over 500 orthopedic products. Their products can be found in the United States, Canada, and in more than 30 different countries around the globe. Independent, national, regional and international distributors carry their products as well as many independent healthcare professionals. Langer is big in the UK and has respect within the medical community. Langer Biomechanics also utilize seminars and large training sessions so that clinical professionals are comfortable and experienced with Langer's products.

Their products are targeted to the prosthetic, orthotic and orthopedic markets. Their products are created to protect, correct, heal and allow increased comfort for their patients.

Having been around since 1969, Langer prides itself on offering the largest selection or orthotic devices and materials available today for foot care professionals. They use the latest technology in biomechanics to produce the highest quality products from the best materials available.

Their product lines include custom made foot and ankle orthotics, prefab foot care products, rehab devices, and gel-based products. The purpose of prescription orthotics is to create more natural function of the lower extremities by properly aligning angular relationships between bones in the foot and leg.

What products do Langer Orthotics design and manufacture?

Sporthotics– these custom made insoles are manufactured for various types of athletic needs including tennis, basketball, cycling, football, golf, skiing, skating, soccer, sprinting, and marathons.

Fashion Devices –these custom made orthotics are designed with semi-rigid shells, flexible shells, and semi-flexible shells, for use in shoes, pumps and heels that require more consideration for shape and size.

Theracare –this line includes Theracare Firm, Theracare Soft, and Theracare SPR. These custom insoles increase shock absorption and are of particular help to those with diabetic foot issues.

Controlling Devices– these devices include Rigidur, Lyte Fit, DSIS, UCBL, Gaitflex, Heelfit Flexible and Heelfit Firm. These range from high shock absorption to low shock absorption for specific needs such as heel spurs.

Accomodative– their accommodative line includes Blueline and Leather Moulds for use with patients with restrictive range of motion.

In addition to these custom orthotics already mentioned, Langer also offers Propel, and amputee orthotic system. These include partial foot orthoses, amputee socks, and footwear designed to make everything work. Their website states that their amputee line is designed provide unequaled protection and restorative function for amputee patients.

Part of the purpose of these amputee products is to prevent the future tissue breakdown due to other related compensatory pathology that results from unsteady gait patterns.

Langer Orthotics also designs and manufactures ankle foot orthoses (AFO), products that support or realign, correct or prevent deformities, enhance or substitute or reduce pain.

Langer staff consists of Podiatrists, Certified Orthotists, and biomechanical engineers. Their team has managed to develop technologically advanced products that provide optimum fit and comfort.

Langer manufactures prefab orthotics and insoles as well as therapeutic hosiery, braces and supports, PPT (soft tissue, medical grade cushioning), and various tools and casting socks for practitioners.

With Langer’s lengthy history in orthotic manufacturing and design, it’s no wonder that their products can be found all over the world, or that their products and service have come to be one of the most trusted and relied on in the industry.

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