Can Jublia Help Your Toenail Fungus?

jublia toenail fungus treatment

In Canada I am used to Jublia.The above picture is borrowed with hugs from the Jublia main site.

It is a topical treatment (applies with a brush that is attached to the bottle) directly onto the nail. In the past, topical treatment suffer from the following issues:

  • there can be a reduced amount of medication that actually penetrates the nail
  • sometimes there are minimal drying agents that once you apply the medication to the toenail fungus then it can literally drip off
  • the toenail fungus has to quite minimal to medium in potency for the medication to work- or even have a chance
  • it takes a long time to apply. Toenails are notoriously slow to grow- around 12 to 18 months from base to the tip, so you have to apply on a regular basis over many months to see any sort of treatment signs

Jublia is a little bit different.

At time of writing it seems to have the largest concentration of anti-fungal medication available topically. It is called Efinaconzole and is available in 10% concentration. This, at the present time is the max amount available on prescription.

It works just like all the other topical treatments- apply with the brush that comes attached to the bottle. However it also has one little nifty technique:

  • It contains a chemical which allows it to penetrate into the nail

This is a great addition. Because as we have seen, medication run off and lack of general penetration of the nail seems to be the main issue with topical medications.

Jublia also has one of the top treatment records. Around 35% of all nails that they tested seemed to have total removal of the toenail fungus. Which seems low, but in the big scheme of things- especially in the toenail fungus world, it is big- and especially for a topical treatment regime.

Any downsides?

Not really downsides, but something to consider:

  1. It, like all the toenail fungus treatment options can not guarantee the complete removal of your toenail fungus.
  2. 1 bottle lasts for roughly 1 month- give or take.
  3. You really need to follow the instructions
  4. Even though it has a penetrating chemical it can't hurt to give it a helping hand. Gently buff the toenail fungus nail just so it looks rough and then apply the product
  5. There are side effects- you can get skin irritation around the nail- like redness, itching, burning or stinging.

So far it is not a bad topical treatment. And for a medication you dont have to swallow and causes minimal side effects...that cant be bad right?

Here are some other the toenail fungus treatments.

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