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jsb orthotics

JSB Orthotics and Medical Supply, Inc has over 25 years of combined orthotic fabrication and bio-mechanics experience, excellent customer service, competitive prices, state of the art technology and ongoing continuing education for employees, it’s easy to see why this company has grown into a leading national foot orthotic manufacturer.

What Products Do They Manufacture?

Their line of custom orthotics includes:

Eliminator Line Sport Orthotics – they base their design on a patient’s physiology, weight and activity to determine varying thickness of the material.

Semi-Flexible Orthotics – for those who have difficulty tolerating the rigid traditional sport orthotics, these orthotics incorporate a more flexible and thinner, weight-based model.

Dress & Fashion Orthotics — these are made from graphite, offering maximum control with less thickness and bulk, based on a patient’s activity, weight and age.

Pediatric/Children's Orthotics – these include several different plate models including Whitman, Robert’s, U.C.B.L.

Enhanced Control (polydor/acrylic) – this is the top acrylic on the market for material selection for patients who require maximum biomechanical control.

Engineered Orthotics – possible because of CAD/CAM technology, this innovative process enables production of affordable modality for patients suffering from mild to moderate biomechanical deficiencies.

Accommodative Orthotics – for those with sensitive or insensitive feet, JSB fabricates accommodative orthotics.

JSB Orthotics also creates prefabricated orthotics including Easy Step Sport Standard, Easy Step Ultimate (unposted), Easy Step Sport DHC, Easy Step Ultimate (posted) and Easy Step Accommodative orthotics.

JSB Orthotics and Medical Supply’s ProThotics line includes Semi-Flex Full Length, Semi-Flex 3/4 Length, and Therapeutic insoles. Biochemically designed, ProThoticinsole orthotics provide an economical first-step treatment choice for relieving already existing clinical pathologies,as well ashelping to preventthe future development of problems.

This company also manufactures a line of Ritchie Braces, including the Dynamic Assist, the Little Ritchie, the Solid Ankle AFO and the Arch Suspender. These revolutionary custom ankle braces are used to treat some of the most challenging ankle and foot pathologies. Fabricated from a mold taken from the patient, the Ritchie Brace has a lower profile and is lightweight, with a contoured and balanced footplate.

In order to reduce casting times for foot orthotics, JSB uses innovative casting techniques, including the Slipper Sock – allowing for a superior foot mold in under only 2 minutes. This can even be done over nylons. Their Fitted Polyester Casting Socks are used for creating molds for foot orthotic devices such as shoes, boots and ankle orthotics.

JSB Orthotics and Medical Supply, a privately held company based in Florida, has been in business since 1991. They have over 50 orthotic materials that can be combined when needed to create any device needed. On top of their orthotic products, they have a therapeutic shoe program for diabetics who qualify. Their product line also extends to include articulated AFO’s to treat several ankle and foot pathologies.

Their dedication to fabricating products that improve the quality of life through pain relief and treatment of foot and ankle problems, including diabetic issues, has helped their company become as successful as it is today.

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