ingrown toenails

by asdqf

I have an ingrown toenail. I have had it for some time now. it got removed and now it seems to have come back exactly the same. What now?


An ingrown toenail can calm down and it can erupt again and some patients are OK with that. Other we advice to get something done about it because:

1- due to illnesses their immunity or circulation is reduced and constant infections is not a good idea

2- the nail might be OK now but in time it is going to get worse and complication with growing age an illness might make it difficult to treat

Many ingrown toenails are there because of a spike of nail sticking into the skin. Other ingrown toenails are because of the nail shape- too wide or curved

Why does the nail grow back?

There are a few reasons:

1- it might not have been prevented to grow back. In 90-95% of cases using certain techniques the nail won’t grow back- ever. In some cases you stop using those techniques and the nail grows back. Depends upon what was offered at the time

2- regrowth is a common and sometimes annoying side effect of ingrown toenail removal. Sometimes a little tiny piece of nail can come back, in other cases the whole nail.

When the toenail comes back “exactly the same” it sounds like it wasn’t stopped from growing in the first place.

For more info on Ingrown toenails, check out this 101.

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