Ingrown Toenail Other Side

I had ingrown toenail removal surgery a week and 2 days ago. All looks good on the side surgery was done on, however the other side, especially at the base is infected. Toe is throbbing. This just started one week after having surgery. What could this be due to?

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Feb 12, 2017

by: Dominic

Sometimes if one side of the toenail is sore then it is hard to explain why the other side needs to be done.

We have seen both. We have seen the other side go months after a procedure. We have seen the other side be completely fine.

For us, when you actually do the procedure you can not help but wiggle the nail. Sometimes that causes the other side- which probably is going to become ingrown anyway- just to be pushed off the edge and become ingrown.

We try to offer to do the other side anyway because of the risk of it becoming an issue. Also sometimes it looks nicer- with a more symmetrical nail.

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