High Heels And Flat Feet Cure?

by wef

I just read this: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2085476/High-heels-blame-flat-feet--cure-corner.html

Whats your take?


If you read the article you it states that high heels cause flat feet and pain by tendons in the foot being affected by a protein that weakens them. The cure? Medication to reduce the protein buildup- in a nutshell.

The problem is that I think the scientists have gone too far with this research and in my opinion they have kinda missed the obvious.

Most people who have flat feet or painful feet do not really wear high heels. Proteins do build up in the area because of inflammation- it's hurting and the body is trying the cure the problem.

Some of the comments have also noted that orthotics do not work either.

Well they wouldn't.

true flat feet are not that common and they do respond well to orthotics especially if they have been assessed and then adjusted correctly.

But because most people do not have flat feet then orthotics should not be the first avenue to try.

Stretching the muscles in groups is a far better way to reduce pain within your foot especially if you have been wearing high heels. If you haven't, then you tend to find muscles need stretching anyway because we do more than we should on surfaces that we shouldn't. It should be no surprise to a runner/ store worker of any age to have foot pain.

High heel has been found to shorten calf muscles- this is widely known. So women who wear high heel constantly find it painful to flatten their feet.

Ultimate cure? Stretching regularly. That's it, no more pills.

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