heel corns

by Amie
(Iuka, MS)

I have a very painful corn on my heel. the pain radiates all the way up my leg to my knee. i have a spur on that heel as well. Is it possible for me to pull or pop the corn out? I need relief and cant see a doctor right now.


Corns on heals are there due to pressure from above or pressure from a spur, but usually from above and use of no cushioning in footwear.

You can get "donut pads" which can stick around the corn (no acid or home treatment) to off load some of the pressure.

Check the shoes which you wear and put gel cushioning into those as well (slippers can be a culprit).

Gently file the hard skin on the corn and then use moisturizing cream to soften the skin. Unfortunately it probably needs to be removed by a professional and then you will get instant relief but if offloading pressures are not catered for, then the corn will come back.


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