Healthcare 101


Here you will find some healthcare ideas, topics that we have delved into, explored, researched and given away, for free :)

Some are related to footcare, like the quit smoking 101 pages, and others are just because we have noticed a large lack of research into the area. Either giving people false hope or giving totally inaccurate info.

We hope you like them

The best healthcare info 101

  1. Quit Smoking 101. How is this related to footcare? Well smoking reduces your bodys healing ability, also when combined with other conditions, like Diabetes, it makes matters much worse. So for example with diabetes you have a higher risk of losing a toe or foot compared to someone without diabetes. But when you add smoking, that risk is multiplied quite a bit. So one of the main bits of advice is to quit smoking.
  2. Proactiv 101. Always wanted to know about Proactiv. Has no affect upon the feet. But it seems like a cool product and has been going for ages and seems successful. So what is it? Are the Doctors real and does it work?
  3. Reflexology. Quite a few healthcare clinics offering reflexology. This is its overview, origins and what it does. Also, whats it good at. 
  4. The Foot Spa. Do they detox? Do they relax you?

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