Hallux Rigidus and Hallux Limitus

I love your site but could not find anything about Hallux Rigidus. Do you have good information on the cause, treatment and prevention? I am particularly interested in non-surgical treatment if possible.

My big toes do not bend, which makes me pronate, walking is very uncomfortable and it affects everything I do.

Much thanks!

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Feb 09, 2017

by: Dominic

Thanks for the comment.

Hallux limitus and hallux limitus are to do with how much movement your big toe can have in its main joint (the main ball of your foot) when you are not standing upon them.

Limitus- some movement
Rigidus- limited/ no movement

Sometimes when you stand and someone tries to lift up your big toe, that is different- muscular issues causing that.

There are a few treatment options for these 2 issues:

Limitus: Orthotics are the best- but not just normal orthotics. These will need a small cut out around the ball of the big toe and this allows it to drop down gently and gives you move "movement"

Rigidus: There are 2 options. One is another orthotic, but this one contains a bar along the shaft of the big toe which allows you to pivot through the big toe limiting the movement of the big toe.

The second treatment is surgery. Surgeons could fuse the joint- no movement at all which has its downsides, or joint replacement.

Sometimes in time you get used to the big toe and you start to adapt and in some instances the pain reduces or the pain goes away.

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