Had left toe nail removed

by jeanette
(stockport uk)

Hi over four weeks ago had infected ingrowing big toe removed ive been put on my third dose of antibiotics been soaking it every day in salt water and now im using essential oils too which ive heard tea tree lavender and peppermint help heal im hoping it works im in pain can any one help me how long does it take to heal im a type 1 diabetic since march 2017

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Oct 15, 2017

by: Dominic


4 weeks you should see some resolve in the toenail. To know if it is actually working the toe should be drying from the tip of the toe down with the base of the nail being the final area to heal. A total removal of an ingrown toenail takes a little bit more time to heal than just the sides. 3 doses of antibiotics seems a lot. the amount of discharge should be reducing so you should really be redressing a little less if the procedure worked well.

There is your diabetes to think about:

1- makes sure that your blood sugars are stable, irregular blood sugars hinders healing
2- you should really be having regular check ups with your local clinic due to your being diabetic anyway (through the Dr or NHS Podiatrists).

Salt water, no longer than 2 minutes is ample rather than adding anything else. Also making sure that you dont walk around without a dressing on. Its an open wound, dont let it "air.

All the best.

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