The Strongest Treatment For A Very Stubborn Fungus Toenail (Or Toenails)

Now this treatment for fungus toenail is one of those that I would only recommend for someone whom the nail fungus is causing a severe problem and getting in the way of their job or lifestyle.

It is called the 3 pronged attack and is the most intensive and most successful treatments for nail fungus. The treatment uses all 3 different fungus treatment methods all at the same time.

First off you need to see a Chiropodist or Podiatrist who will carry this procedure out. But this is what it involves:

1- Removal of the toe nail under local anesthetic (an 8 min procedure).

This then removes any fungus reservoir that is likely to reinfect the area or other nails. The nail will grow back but will take about 12-18 month to do so. Also depending upon the clinicians skill the nail should grow back normal. Sometimes a nail can grow back a little thicker because the nail matrix has been damaged upon removal.

2- Application of the anti-fungal cream onto the nail bed.

This then targets the hard to reach fungal spores and this procedure needs to follow manufacturer recommendations. It is usually apply the treatment for nail fungus for 5 days, stop for 2 and then reapply and do this for one month.

3- Get a prescription for the anti-toenail fungus tablets and take those.

These will then attack the fungus toenail as your nail grows back. Again follow the tablet manufacturers advice for treatment for nail fungus.

With this 3 pronged attack we are trying to attack the fungus on all fronts. By taking the nail away we remove its food source. By applying the cream we attack any fungus spores and threads that are still present. As when the nail grows they will attack from underneath. By taking the tablets we are giving our nail a chance to grow normally, and because we are attacking at the main source of where the fungus sits the fungus will not be able to survive.

Again the 3 pronged treatment for nail fungus is very effective but it should only be used on specific patients because it is so intensive and there are many risks to which would stop the patient from undergoing this treatment for nail fungus. For example- bad reaction to the tablets, unable to have a local anesthetic, unable to bend to their feet to apply the cream on a regular basis.

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