The 4 Best Ways To Tackle Your Fungus Toenail

fungus toenail

Yes, there are many treatment options for a fungus toenail. Some people can tolerate some methods, other people can tolerate other methods. We are human and we are all different. But before we can treat something, we need to know exactly what we are going to treat (nice toenail fungus picture borrowed with love from here)

Do you have a toenail fungus or not?

That is our first topic. Many of you will not have a fungal nail and it is very common for people and clinicians to mix up conditions that seem similar but have different treatment regimes.

What causes the fungus in the first place?

If we just treat the problem then you will have a greater risk of re-occurrence. If you have a burn because you are always putting your hand on the stove top, but we just treat the burn...the burn will come back right?

Fungal nail problems can be treated quite easily,

but by finding out the cause of the problem in the first place will we actually tackle and reduce the problem from coming back. There are web sites out there which will tell you how to “cure” fungal nails. But this is a half truth. You need to treat the problem and the cause before you can claim success.

Treatment methods

There are many methods to treat the fungal toenail. Some are quite potent and some are really extreme. Sometimes though those methods are suited to a specific individual. Sure, we will cover the creams and the tablets, but it is quite noteworthy to state that I will also discuss the pro's and con's of such treatment methods. Not all treatments are full proof. Again what might work for you might not work for someone else.

There are many different factors which will influence treatment success. And again, if these are not thought about then really your treatment methods will be unsuccessful.

However, there are some people who do not like the idea of using “pharmaceutical” treatment methods. Which is fine, however the “natural” treatment methods are not too dissimilar to their pharmaceutical brothers.

What a lot of people forget is that natural remedies sparked pharmaceutical medicines. Aspirin is the commonest example. The main ingredient is Salicylic Acid which comes from the bark of the Willow Tree. Indigenous tribes knew this for ages- a few tweaks here and there and out came Aspirin- one of the most successful medications of all time. It is also worthwhile to point out that some natural treatment methods can be dangerous and less effective. I will discuss the most common ones.

What if it isn't a fungus toenail?

This is something that will affect many who are reading this text. Sometimes a fungal nail isn't a fungal nail. There are many reasons that nails thicken up and one of those reasons will fit just right with you. It is also wise to mention that even if your nails have been tested for fungus and come back negative...they still could be fungal nails, here is why.

The plan

Ultimately I want you to realize that there is no problem...don't worry and do not be too concerned or worried about “an infection” that is invading you toe.

These next few webpages are meant to clear up a few myths and many opinions that are running round about fungal nails. I think it does just that.

Click to see what's next...your fungus toenail next move :) If you want to have a look around the subject, check out the following:

home remedy toenail fungus

Here is the 101 of home remedies for toenail fungus. Sometimes you read that you can find XY and Z in the cupboard in your kitchen and it will cure toenail fungus in minutes. Really, welcome to the home remedy 101.

symptoms of toenail fungus

What are the symptoms? OK, you might have toenail fungus, but how did it start. Where did it start, how does it develop?

curing toenail fungus

Curing toenail fungus? So you have heard that you can cure it. Is that true, how do you do it...and can it come back?

toenail fungus origins

How did I get this fungus toenail in the first place? You got it so how did you get it in the first place?

prevent toenail fungus

How can I prevent it? It took some work to get rid of it. So, you don't really want it to come back. Here are 6 ways to try and prevent it from coming back.

tablet treatment of toenail fungus

Tablet treatment. Regardless of what you might think, tablet treatment of toenail fungus is quite effective- depending on a few factors though.

natural anti-fungus remedy

Natural anti-fungus remedy Its a natural problem so there should be natural treatments for toenail fungus right? Maybe.

strongest toenail fungus treatment

Strong 3 pronged treatment. Sometimes everything just doesn't work. What is like the last resort (the really last resort)?

home treatment of toenail fungus

Can you really treat toenail fungus at home?. Here are some more home treatments- including herbs- one which is actually quite potent.

hydrogen peroxide of toenail fungus

Can Hydrogen Peroxide cure fungus toenails? Ahh, hydrogen peroxide. It fizzed and bubbles and seems to have been put on everything. But does it actually work on fungus?

listerine and toenail fungus

How about Listerine as an effective treatment? Mouthwash, Listerine...popular online for working wonders for toenail fungus. Are they right?

vicks toenail fungus cure

Vicks can cure it...right? Vicks is another popular treatment fueled by research from a known medical centre. So how did it do?


I have heard so much about Zetaclear...does that work? Zetaclear has been around for ages. So it has to be good?

jublia toenail fungus

Jublia? Jublia is Canadian (probably known worldwide by now) and it a fungus toenail treatment that you paint on as a clear liquid. And the result?

laser fungus treatment

Laser Treament Laser seems to show promising signs as a treatment method. But how does it work and...does it work?


Amorolfine and Loceryl. You might be able to find these over the counter at a Pharmacy. So how do they do?

It might or might not be fungus. So what else could that odd nail be? Check out how toenails can alert you to health problems.

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