fungus toenail decayed

by becky

my decayed toenail whihc was affected by fungus after medication seem to fall it normal??s it so tat i will be loosing the whole nail ???


Hi there

Thanks for your question.

When the fungus attacks your nail it munches away at it. That is why it has a moth eaten appearance.

Because of all of this munching, your nail looses its form, strength and "nailness". So it becomes brittle and easy to break.

The medication, tablets? paint? should work over a long period of time to kill the fungus in the nail.

Usually medication however doesn't cause your nail to come off.

But remember that toenails take an awfully long time to grow back, 12-18 months in adults, a little bit less in younger people.

So if you have been watching your toenail for days, then you are going to be bored quite quickly :)

Your toenail should grow back, pushing the old one out of the way. But it will take a while, so don't worry.

If your toenail doesn't grow back, at all, ever then go back to the Doctor.

On the other hand, was it a fungus or was it a normal thickened nail that you might have hit at some point. If that is the case, the nail falling off is normal and a new one will grow in time. It might grow back a little bit thick depending on how you damaged it.

All the best.

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