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It has taken me ages to write this about page for LDFootcare. I thought it would be easy. But each time I wrote it, it sounded like a boardroom wrote it, like talking about myself in the third person.

I think this is the version I like.

My passion originally was not footcare. I had no idea what i wanted to be. I was 12 and in England. I wanted to be a garbage collector, then a Vet, a farmer came into it somewhere and then a scientist working on spaceships. I tried not to stem myself in.

Then I got an ingrown toenail. Which, if you have had one, is not the painless thing i thought it was. My parents weren't rich or knew what to do apart from contact a home visit footcare person to help sort it out.  They were found in the phone directory.

They seemed OK. But I was 12 and I was nervous. Unfortunately they did not help. Removing the side of toenail without anesthetic is not the nicest thing in the world. He said it was illegal to carry anesthetic around (BS alert). Coupled with no blood limiting devices, it made the floor kinda red :)

My parent stopped the procedure. From that day on for 3 years we went from one "professional" to another. One person had us coming back every week for a year. After a while they didnt charge because it never got better. In the end my parents had enough and went to the Doctor and pleaded for help.

As it happens a local clinic, which was free, did the procedure. Within a week I was seen, the next week the procedure was done. I saw the light  and started to realised that for 3 years many people spoke BS to us and had no idea what they were doing.

The poor clinic professionals were barraged with question upon question and I think I understood what I wanted to do.

This profession could heal someone if they walk into the clinic and they could walk out pain free. They used medical jargon, they seemed to enjoy what they were doing. The placed looked professional and what they were doing was meaningful.

After a few years of meeting awesome people and having some major exams. I decided to go onto the Chiropody course (I did Chemistry before hand- thinking I could be a scientist working on spaceships- hey you never know if you dont try right?).

I qualified after 3 years training, done some private work, temp stuff then went to work at the same local clinic I had my ingrown toenail removed, working with the person that did it. It was odd.

They gradually worked you into seeing patients then crank up the volume quite quickly.

After a couple of years I then worked in the high risk team, mainly seeing patients who had bad feet or had illnesses which could make them have bad feet.

I also married one of the placement tutors- who incidentally didnt help with any of my homework :I

Then we decided to move to Canada.


A really simple idea. Life is too short to wait. When you see a whole range of patients with a whole range of conditions and circumstances, you come to understand that you have to grab onto life and do as much as you can, while you can.

Canada was cool. We met some really great people who we can probably never repay their friendship. Initially though it was a holiday, then we realised we needed to do some work. So we set up our private footcare clinic within Southern Ontario and set up this website.


And here is me in front of certificates in the room that is on the corner of the building:

dominic ldfootcare

It seemed to work well. We had no idea about business or competition (3-5 other established foot people were in the area with one directly opposite us). But we wanted to do some good and promote preventative care rather than treating the same thing over and over again.

We both then decided it was hard to charge people who had nothing and were in need of care. So we got jobs in local clinics and took our clinic patients with us and tried to get them into our new clinics wherever they could. Many were able to use the service and I hope we helped people lead more active lives without the worry of paying for a service.

Since then we had 2 kids. Lucy, my wife decided to go into admin work and I am still working at my original clinic in Petrolia.

I am enjoying it. I have great co-workers, a great boss and a pool of human resources that can be used within a couple of footsteps.

If you have any questions about footcare have a look around or check out our Q&A page.

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Hi. I'm Dominic. I treat patients every day at a local clinic. I am a trained Chiropodist and I care about prevention. I designed the website to help readers understand treat and even prevent issues from happening to their feet.