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L&D Footcare is a 2 person operation at present. Having more than one person is (in my opinion) vital to any clinic.


For so many different reasons. It is also a reason why many Governments do not want single clinician clinics:

1. Because you can easily bounce ideas off each other
2. You both can form slightly different treatment plans- one of you may of thought of one thing and the other thought of something else.
3. Because at the end of the day, sometimes clinicians get into bad habits and when you are a clinician alone there is no-one to assess you, no-one to disagree with you and sometimes experience highlights bad habits rather than providing better care.

Continuing Education

What you may not find on most sites is the following: We have to be up-to-date with all our skills. We have to be reading quite regularly to cement information that could have been lost "use it or lose it" is a age long term for a reason.

One Surgeon that we know reads his text books every 3 months to maintain a knowledge that he is comfortable with.

We have to do all of this to continue our registration with our governing body, the College Of Chiropodists Of Ontario.

So even though we have gone to University for 3 years, passed post exams, we still have to prove ourselves through continual learning and tests. This may sound extreme to some, but it isn't. It is to protect the public from poor/ dangerous clinicians and it also makes sure that clinicians are comfortable with the information that they speak of.

footcare - dominic

Dominic is a UK trained Chiropodist and worked primarily within the high risk clinics within Birmingham (UK) NHS Trust and hospital clinics. He emigrated to Canada in 2008 and formed L&D Footcare with Lucy in that same year.

In 2009 Dominic and Lucy formed another company LDE Network which specialises in educational materials, educating patients on health related matters and promoting the idea of PCPs to other health professionals.

His main field of knowledge is marketing, education, high risk patients and home visits.

footcare - lucy

Lucy is also a UK trained Chiropodist and spent time in a variety of clinics covering the South West of the UK and The Midlands.

Lucy has a range of specialties which she enjoys. Having ran many foot pain clinics for many years, Lucy is L&D Footcare's biomechanical specialist.

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