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Heel Spurs. They Hurt. Here's How To Stop That.

Heels Spurs. The 101

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The Footfile 101- For Hard Skin And thick Toenails

Got Thick Toenails Or Hard Skin? A Footfile Might Help You Out.

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Is There A Cure For Diabetic Nerve Pain?

Is there any relief from diabetic nerve pain?

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The Foot Spa. In Your Mind, Or Good For Your Feet?

Most people love a foot spa. relaxing after a long day on those feet. But is it true?

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The Flaw In The BMI

There has been much debate on how healthy or fat someone is if they have a high BMI.

The BMI is the body mass index. By putting someones height and weight into a simple calculation the result can then show on the graph if they are of "normal" weight, "over weight", "obese" etc.

So for instance (using values gained from a quick search on celeb websites):

1- Melissa McCarthy- BMI 35- overweight
2- Dr Phil- BMI- 30- overweight

But then something odd happens:

1- The Rock- BMI 32- overweight
2- Arnie- BMI 31- overweight
3- Tom Cruise- BMI 26- overweight

Not the results you were expecting right?

The problem is that the BMI does not take into consideration muscles. No, fat doesn't convert into muscle. It reduces, muscle increases and you see muscle more.

It is why when people exercise and loose weight they see a tail off in weight loss- muscle is being created and fat is being reduced- which is what you want.

But muscle is weight. So people who have highly likely little fat, but have muscle are classed as being overweight. You can not compare BMI- it is flawed.

What you can compare is body fat percentage. It doesn't take into consideration anything else. The less fat percentage the better.

No Problem 30yr Diabetic Shows Up

Diabetic came in the other day. Had it for 30yrs+. Still on Metformin (usually the first medication regime given). No nerve or blood issues. Why?

1- Blood sugars kept roughly the same2- They exercise on a regular basis3- They keep their food in check4- They monitor their feet and asks the Dr questions about their numbers

They come in yearly for a check. Thats it.

Dance Tips?

Dance (website found in the link below) offers some tips to people going back to dance after the holiday season.

There are a few things to add:

1- if your feet are sore/ painful then dont dance through the pain. Your body is telling you to stop in the only way that it can without taking you down. Listen to it, stop and then gently and very gradually work up to your level

2- dance shoes are not the most supportive in the world, so if you can wear supportive shoes when dancing then that would be awesome. If not, then all other times wear support, lace and cushioned running shoes. Give your feet a chance!

3- if you do injure yourself then recovery is going to be long because dancers and competitive people want to get back in on their fun. You might need physio and a pre-dance regime of exercises before you can get back into what you did before.

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How Watching TV Helped Reduce Diabetic Foot Amputations

Ipswich Hospital in the UK got an award for reducing the rate of foot/feet/ toe removal in diabetics.

How did they do it?

Every patient who was diabetic had their feet looked at.

Ermm...that seems to be it :)

Direct from the above link:

"Videos teaching staff how to check feet were shown in all wards and monthly random audits were carried out to check on the percentage of relevant patients having the foot screenings."

So...patients with diabetes have:

- their foot checked- issues identified- measures undertaken to tackle that issue

This isn't new, but it is verification that it works:

Diabetic footcare HQ

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