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How Watching TV Helped Reduce Diabetic Foot Amputations

Ipswich Hospital in the UK got an award for reducing the rate of foot/feet/ toe removal in diabetics.

How did they do it?

Every patient who was diabetic had their feet looked at.

Ermm...that seems to be it :)

Direct from the above link:

"Videos teaching staff how to check feet were shown in all wards and monthly random audits were carried out to check on the percentage of relevant patients having the foot screenings."

So...patients with diabetes have:

- their foot checked- issues identified- measures undertaken to tackle that issue

This isn't new, but it is verification that it works:

Diabetic footcare HQ

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How Quick Does Toenail Fungus Grow?

It depends.

Initially the toenail fungus and your nail roughly grow at the same speed. This is also the best time to treat it using various remedies.


Because it is so superficial, it hasnt taken hold yet- it is not that deep.

So when people state they have cured toenail fungus really quickly, it is at this stage that they have done it.

As time goes on the fungus starts to multiply and then starts to work from the end of the toenail and comes down the toenail starting to overtake the nail growth.

The nail then becomes thicker and more discoloured.

In time it takes over the whole nail.

So how long does this take? It depends. It can be kept at bay for some time, years in some cases. And it cane take years to completely overtake the nail.

Once it covers the whole nail then treatment time takes the time the nail grows from the base to the tip- usually 12-18 months

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The Foot Spa. In Your Mind, Or Good For Your Feet?

Most people love a foot spa. relaxing after a long day on those feet. But is it true?

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what's the special chemical in Jublia that penetrates into the nail ??

First of all, many thanx for maintining such an honest and straightforward highly informative site .... After using Jublia, i cured years-long fungus

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How to cure thick toenails

I have a lot. I just asked about thick nails.

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Best diabetic socks?

I need some, but there are so many

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Warts on my feet. What can I do about it?

I have many, they dont seem too deep

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What is a hangnail on a toe?

I have one

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