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feettoe corn on tip of the toe

The corn was removed by the medical doctor but my toe become painful when wearing a closed shoe even affecting other toes

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Full Home Remedies For Toenail Fungus

OK. Add research, remove BS and voila we have the natural/ home remedy 101 for toenail fungus.

Including online favourites:

1- Vicks
2- Listerine
3- Coconut oil
4- Epsom salts

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Cushioned Running Shoes Causes Pain And Damage?

An article of research appeared the other day suggesting that cushioned (at the midfoot) running shoes could cause damage and injury in runners.

They compared neutral shoes over padded midfoot running shoes.

The link shows the article.

The findings are interesting, but at the moment need to be taken with an "hmmm, possible".

The issues?

1- The study only has 17 participants
2- load is measured but none of the runners experienced pain- the assumption is that extra load could cause pain
3- plantar fasciitis (one of their issues) is not singularly caused by increased load
4- if you prop up something that doesnt need propping up then you get increased loads
5- they quote an article of 93 runners who had soft midshoes but higher impact forces.

Which then leads to this: "[the 93 runners] were relying more heavily on the shoe to attenuate impact forces, which in turn resulted in a higher impact peak. As previously discussed, a higher impact peak could place runners at a greater risk of developing an injury." In a way questioning their own study?

I like that footwear and running is taking in some research and furthering the conversation as runners do get injured.

In my experience runners get injured because of these top 3:

1- over doing it
2- old running shoes
3- not sorting out a biomechanical issue before hand

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Nail Salons. Avoid or Stay?

Saw in a magazine that if you want healthy nails then avoid nail salons. unfortunately this is a bit mean. As with most things, there are good and bad ones. What you want to do is check out some of the ideals:

1- how they clean their tools. Autoclave is a standard
2- one set of tools per person
3- if they cut you then get them to dress the area and they give you advice on what to do
4- those fish cleaning tanks are not the healthiest as the water doesnt seem to be cleaned per person
5- keeping your cuticle- its there to protect from infection under the skin.

Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus

Can I get rid of toenail fungus?

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Heel Spurs. They Hurt. Here's How To Stop That.

Heels Spurs. The 101

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The Footfile 101- For Hard Skin And thick Toenails

Got Thick Toenails Or Hard Skin? A Footfile Might Help You Out.

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Is There A Cure For Diabetic Nerve Pain?

Is there any relief from diabetic nerve pain?

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