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I like this foot warts treatments page because there are a huge amount of myths dispelled quite easily.

There are a multitude of chemical compounds that treat plantars warts but some are good and some are bad.

Before I repeat myself constantly. All treatments need you to reduce the hard skin away from the foot wart before you actually start treatment because you will just be applying compounds to your hard skin.

So using a footfile: Use the file on the hard skin (when your feet are dry, not wet), once or twice a week and that will keep the hard skin down.

I would also use these treatments with a professional watching over you. All are eventually potent and need professional advice first and then application.

#1 Over the counter acids

These are the ones that you spread over the wart, leave it and it goes white. It goes white because of the acid that you put on, which allows water to penetrate your skin and tries to remove the wart that way.

If you have any trouble with the chemical treatments your practitioner should tell you what to do- but put your foot in salt water for 5 mins max, trying to neutralise the effect of the compound and contact your health professional. They will need to reduce the "contaminated" skin a see if everything is OK.Any sign of redness, pain or swelling is a need to contact your health professional.

The main problem is that these liquids are very mild and contain very little potency, because people have hurt themselves in the past. So some people add more and more and more and make the matter much worse.

Again, it might work for very minor warts, ones that have just been made visible, but forget the larger ones. Read the bottle carefully...its a huge tip ;) Oh and never use on boney areas or inbetween toes.

#2. Silver Nitrate

Only really available through a health professional, these are a caustic and work on very small to medium foot warts and can be really good or really bad.

On little sticks, the Silver gets rubbed upon the wart and then in time the area goes black (escar)- its a chemical reaction, not gangrene. Then it works under the escar.

You need to leave the area dry for 48 hours for the Silver Nitrate to form the escar properly...most patients do not and wonder why it isn't working.

It is a laborious process, taking anywhere from 5-10 treatments to show any difference so make sure that you know the charges and your own expectations and that of the health professional.

#3. Salacylic Acid

The grand-daddy of them and only should be used by a health professional who knows what they are doing, because this can be dangerous to your foot if you are not assessed and monitored properly.

Like white cream, the acid is placed upon the masked (to stop spillage onto good tissue) wart and then it is covered up. This occurs a few times until the area breaks down.

You see the acid is accumulative- it builds up until it works- which is breaking down the skin. This is what you want to occur, and it can happen quick and it can be painful- you need to be aware of the signs- your health professional should tell you. The wart has now gone and your body now needs to rebuild the area, and for someone who is healthy, that should take about a week.

#4. Liquid Nitrogen

he stuff you buy over the counter might work on the really small warts, but the liquid Nitrogen that health professionals use is very different.

It is supposed to cause a blister under the wart and "lift it out". The problem is that you need 2-3 times/week visits to get a good hold of the plantars wart. And it can be very painful.

So sometimes it is not recommended for kids, or even adults :) You see you have to hold the spray on the area for at least ten seconds. Most of us would hold it for 3 and be done with it and wonder why the plantars wart isn't healing.

The treatment does work, but again you need a clinician who has done many of them to treat your foot warts effectively. And because of you coming back regularly, it could cost. Here's a good overview


I have heard different accounts to this. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and sometimes it can cause more problems.

Lazer burns the wart. However, you need an anesthetic for this treatment and should only really be used on large warts or large wart areas because there is little advantage using it on small ones.

The main disadvantages are the same as using a surgical technique- infection and the formation of scar tissue. Pulse Lazer offers a better advantage, its a newer treatment, but we will have to see what the outcome brings us.

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